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Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Mark began his career as an engineer, completing an undergraduate degree then a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a production engineer before starting Raycon Engineers Pty Ltd in 1992, working as a design engineering and project management consultant for mining and heavy engineering clients.

In 1998, the lure of the dot com boom aroused Mark's interest and he became a founding shareholder then Marketing Manager of a fledgling Brisbane based software company. Oska Software today turns over several million dollars per year. Mark remains a shareholder.

In late 1999, the Internet boom was in full swing and Mark was invited to join another startup, ZMedia, in sales and marketing. ZMedia was not a typical Internet venture, it was not VC funded and was extremely profitable.

Mark experienced, first hand, the incredible excesses of that time. First class international air travel and an unlimited expense account were great while they lasted!

Of course, the party eventually came to an end and ZMedia, which had a paper valuation at one point of $400,000,000 AUD, was sold for about $24,000,000 AUD.

Mark also ran an internet publishing company in partnership with an associate in Pennsylvania. Together, they delivered sponsored email newsletters to 250,000 subscribers each day. This business was also profitable and was sold in 2001.

Mark runs a web design and IT support business in Australia helping a select group of clients do business profitably online.

Mark is married with three children.


Lester Wills

Lester Wills

Dr. Lester Wills has a Ph.D. in the area of Personal Financial Preparation for Retirement and has presented material from his research at international conferences. He has also submitted papers for publication in a number of leading international journals and has had papers published by the Pensions Institute in London.

Dr Wills has experience in a number of fields, having started his professional life as a Teacher of Science, a career that provided invaluable experience in effectively communicating with an audience. He then completed a degree in Psychology and went on to do an MBA, majoring in Economics and Marketing.

He spent a number of years were working on dealing desks as an Investment Manager in Europe and Australia, managing equity and fixed interest portfolios and a range of derivatives. He then worked as an Investment Marketer, gaining experience in marketing and product development in both wholesale and retail environments.

Dr Wills later became Chairman of a task force on Fund Choice and undertook several study tours to the US meeting with a number of 401(k) fund providers. He subsequently became Chairman of the IFSA Retirement Incomes and Long Term Savings group that researched policy initiatives in the retirement savings arena. He presented research findings to the national conference as well as giving briefings to members of the Federal and Shadow Cabinets and the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation. He was also seconded to a special task force investigating the establishment of a joint venture 401(k) style service provider in Japan and met with leading representatives of the funds management industry and members of government.