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Ethical Investing

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Tony Negline

In September last year I wrote an article in my DIY Super column about ethical investing. You can read the article here:

My main purpose in writing the article was to talk about the growing number of "green" funds or funds that took into account environmental impacts.

Back in September '09 client change was the topic de jour and to be a sceptic was to risk a short trip to the proverbial concentration camp for re-education.

So confident were many sections of the political and intellectual class about climate change that the then Federal Minister responsible for super matter, Senator Nick Sherry, wrote to APRA and asked it to release guidelines for "socially responsible investing". To the best of my knowledge this information still hasn't be released

As the article points out the biggest example of so called SRI was Arthur Scargill and his prolonged UK coal miner strikes in his futile efforts to bring down the Thatcher Government.

I raise this issue because a week or so ago, Cardinal Pell was recently asked about ethical investing in relation to tobacco, weaponry and alcohol (the normal 3 excluded nasties that have been removed from an eligible investing universe).

His Eminence pointed out that gambling, smoking and selling armaments are not intrinsically evil.

This is not to say that these activities cannot be used for evil purposes. This applies to almost all human endeavours. But one shouldn't be so narrow minded to assume that a something can never have a good purpose.

My article last year concluded that "Some superannuation lawyers say that 25 or 30 years ago some people might have agreed with Scargill but most people now would think his objections are quaint."

Will climate change go the same way?

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