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Changes to the Super Guarantee

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Tony Negline

The Assistant Treasurer has announced that Australians aged at least 75 will receive Super Guarantee payments.

He announced that this idea came about because of lobbying by four ALP Parliamentarians and Rod Oakeshott and Tony Windsor.

This change is expected to apply from 1 July 2013.

It's often quite hard for older workers to get employment (the fantastic comedy "One Foot In The Grave' is testimony) to this. I hope this change doesn't make finding work even harder. At present an employer has a small incentive to employ an older worker - they don't have to make compulsory super contributions.

But now that this change will probably go then what incentive do employer's have.

It's been my view for some time that lifelong learning will have to become part of our cultural makeup.

In the great book Mao's Last Dancer, the mother expresses concern for a son who has an injured hand and his inability to earn a living so that he can survive.

Unlike Western countries China has very little social welfare. But soon most of the countries won't be able to afford their expensive social welfare programs either.

As T.S. Elliot said most people can't handle too much reality. Those with an expectation of assured entitlement are about to get a very rude shock.

A few years ago a US State cancelled the defined benefit pension benefits of its employees because it could no longer afford them. I suppose the same could technically happen here and anywhere else for that matter.

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