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Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board bans commissions and asset fees on financial products

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Tony Negline

You've no doubt heard that the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board has formalised APES230 that bans commissions and asset fees on financial products. The standard begins operating in July '13 and contains some transitional measures which I'm sure some financial organisations will be studying very closely!

This is a very significant event in the life of the financial planning industry. It'll be fascinating to see how the other advice associations react to this standard.

The standard is binding on ICAA, CPA and IPA practising members.

On another note, Federal Parliament will be sitting next week for the last time in 2012. It'll resume in early February '13.

The last sitting week of a calendar year is always a frantic time as both the House of Reps and Senate sit very late to deal with a backlog of legislation and other business.

The key interest next year will be election. It must be held before 30 November. The first possible date for a lower house vote and half Senate election appears to be 3 August. (Both major parties don't seem keen on breaking the nexus between dual House of Reps and Senate voting.)

At this point in time the Government doesn't have a double dissolution trigger - that is, legislation rejected twice by the Senate. If such a trigger existed then the election would be held before Easter 2013 (Good Friday is 29 March).

As a result there will be intense focus on the Federal Budget which will be handed down on 14 May.

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