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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

Announcing Four Beautiful New Essences
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November Newsletter



Team Arrow achieved pole position at the start line in Darwin with the fastest timed lap at Hidden Valley of 2.001- thank you Chris for this great achievement. After high cross winds of 100kmph, cloud, flat tyres and other tests of endurance we arrived a respectable 7th in Adelaide on Friday 11th October. Thanks to all the team for a great race, here's to 2015 and Arrow 2!


One of the new essences Revitalise helped to sustain and re-energise during our 3,000 km journey - See below for more info or follow the Revitalise Essence link.



Announcing 3 New Beautiful Essences To Our Range


Centre Renewal - Single Essence

Centre Renewal has three distinct levels of action:
  1. Energetically supporting the digestive organs of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

  2. Clarifies and energizes the inner joyful dance.

  3. Centre Renewal connects one with a centre of energy just above the solar plexus, which radiates throughout one's energy body. This type of energy is normally associated with the higher chakras. Centre Renewal brings about a renewal of the person, brings energy and clarity from that connection with the larger Wholeness of Being. A joyful and energizing essence.


Love's Gift - Combination Essence
There is a yearning in the soul to re-connect with our ultimate source, with Being which is beyond our understanding. A key step on that journey towards what some call the Divine, is to drop any pattern we may have of only conditionally opening our hearts to others. This essence helps us to dissolve the defensive emotional barriers we have constructed, and invites the heart to be open with love unconditionally. Only when the heart has re-learnt this way of being, are we then able to move forward on the next step, which is described with the essence Love's Gift. Follow the Love's Gift link for more info.  

Revitalise, a combination of Heaven's gate Hive of Heaven and Winged Messenger

To stimulate the immune system. Relives tiredness form jaded and exhausted body, mind and souls.

One user of the essence experienced the following "I get an immediate sense of energy coming out of the heart area to the front of my body. The energy seems to exit the body and curl upwards. My feet feel very grounded. There is a sense of renewed strength in the body."


Sorcerer's Apprentice
Sorcerer's Apprentice is that it is like a spam filter for the psyche, helping to keep out unwanted stimulus and energies. It is also something of an energy regulator, so if you are revving your engine too high it will calm you down. It can also be viewed as another essence for protection. But it especially provides a healthy working space for you to be active, enabling you to choose which elements of your surroundings you wish to engage with.


Kickstarter Project For Decks Of New Orchid Essence Cards

Due to the introduction of a significant number of new orchid essences over the past 2 years and increased requests for larger sets of cards, Don Dennis Orchid Essence maker of Living Tree Orchid Essences has placed the following kickstarter campaign...

"Please don't forget about our Kickstarter campaign for the new cards. Here's the link again. Each deck of cards will only cost you 9 no matter what the Kickstarter page may say."


Mindfulness Workshop - Saturday 16th November

Mindfulness is a particular state of present moment awareness (that anyone can learn) where any distracting, unhelpful or unpleasant thoughts, feelings or urges are allowed to freely 'flow through you' so that you're not getting caught up in them, struggling with them or pushed around by them. This enables you to engage more fully in the present moment with greater satisfaction, effectiveness and wellbeing as well as increased self-empowerment to be the person you value to be and live the life you value to live. Click here for Workshop Information

WHEN: Saturday 16th November 2013

TIME: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

WHERE: Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre - 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon

COST: $85.00

  "Homeopathy For The Home" Workshops


Saturday 23rd November from 9:30am - 3:30pm

Please contact reception on 07 3368 1300 for more information or
click here to send an email and reserve your place

Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,
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