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Domestic Downsizing Innovative Organising Ideas...

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Big news from the desk of Domestic Downsizing - we are expanding into the United States! From January 2013 the office will be based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania so this will be the perfect opportunity to launch our world-wide membership program to help cluttered clients across the globe.

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Here's to harmony in your home around the world!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser | Interior Stylist | Feng Shui Consultant

The 6 Secrets To Sorting And Storing Kid's Clothes

Sorting and putting away clothes that the kids have outgrown is a challenge for so many of my clients with growing families. Here are some helpful tips to make the job easier:

  1. Buy fewer clothes for your kids so you'll have less to organise and store later. Yes this will be hard - but think of the saved space and time!

  2. Limit the storage space with boxes. Since baby clothes are small, you can fit a lot into a box. And by limiting the storage you will be forced to make better decisions on staying or going. Just keep the best stuff and your favourites.

  3. Divide the clothes by girl/boy and size and have a separate box for each with a sign on the outside. Then stack the boxes in the top of a wardrobe out of the way.

  4. In the future, be particular about what you buy, accept from others and keep. You don't have to keep clothes just because they were given to you for free. Thank the giver and then give them on if necessary.

  5. Keep only clothes that are clean and in good condition - very important! If it is in mediocre condition when it goes in the tub, you can be sure it will be even worse when it comes out!

  6. When you are finished having children and know of someone else who can benefit from the clothes, it will be very easy to pass on the appropriate box - knowing that the clothes inside will bring joy.


5 Important Things A Professional Organiser Wants You To Know

I recently came across this little article on and thought all my readers may be interested too:

  1. Don't Focus on a Whole Room - Instead, tackle one drawer or one pile of paper per day. You'll have a sense of accomplishment with little effort.

  2. Sort Things by Function - Put coffee cups near the coffee pot or the mirror near the jewellery.

  3. Organising Means Eliminating - If you don't like the way you look in certain clothes, out they should go. Can't decide? Put them aside for six months then reassess.

  4. Store by Season - No room in the wardrobe to put all your clothes? Only hang this season's clothes and store the rest out of the way.

  1. Take Control - To avoid things piling up, create a time slot every day to spend a few minutes organising. Your papers, your thoughts and your mail all need to be dealt with on a daily basis.

Behind The Scenes Of The TV Show Hoarders

In August I had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy Breininger, the American professional organiser from the TV show Hoarders. She was the keynote speaker at our Professional Organisers Conference and she shared with us the behind the scenes tales of what happens during filming. Here she is on the Sunrise program speaking on how she helps these very challenging clients. Bonus - she also shares some great organising tips!

Click here to watch Dorothy's interview

I will be presenting "The Essential Steps to Declutter & Organise a Home" at the Hoarding & Squalor Brisbane Forum 2012 on October 30. Click here for more information or to book your place.

Donating - It's The New Way To Shop!

You'll gain more space and help others in the process. Consider donating these items that you probably have duplicates of:

  • Hotel toiletries. We love them at the time but never use them at home. Donate them to a local shelter (or leave them at the hotel!)

  • Pens, pencils & stationary. It's impossible to use them all, so donating them to an overseas school in need is a great option.

  • Linens. Old sheets, doonas and covers are fabulous for animal beds at your local animal shelter.

  • Toys. These are packed into Christmas assistance hampers for needy families.

  • Clothing. Clothing graded not-for-sale in Australia is exported to countries such as India, Fiji and African countries.

Strange Donations - What Were They Thinking?

Reported from charity shops around Brisbane:

  • A pouch containing a woman's entire jewellery collection

  • A man's suit with $2000 in the pocket

  • A brand new set of golf clubs with tags still attached

  • Litters of kittens

  • Grass clippings

  • Left over Christmas prawn shells and ham bones

  • Dirty nappies - really?

WIN A $100 Howards Storage World Voucher

Don't forget to take a minute to fill in our survey and go into the draw to WIN a $100 voucher to Howards Storage World!
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