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Health for all the Family - Naturally! Read online here
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Homeopathy is a traditional Medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any on-going chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.
Health for all the Family - Naturally!


I have recently returned from a glorious European Summer and a most informative, enjoyable & educational visit which included HRI MALTA (see article 4 below) as well as a wonderful Naturopathic Tour of Eire where we expanded working knowledge of many commonly used plants & herbal medicines.

Travel is the theme for this month. Staying healthy and countering ill-effects of travel. Some useful remedies below (Item 6). If you're travelling long haul do request our information sheet on how to minimise "Jet Lag" Recent research into "Body Scanners" at airports also raises questions about the safety of these devices (Item 6) below. Travel also opens up the spread of communicable diseases & WHO advise that there is currently no treatment for the current strain of gonorrhoea, which is reaching epidemic proportions (Item 3) below.

On a more positive note, last week I attended the Premiere of "Just One Drop" in Sydney, hosted by The Aurum Project with the film maker Laurel Chiten in attendance for post film panel Q & A's together with Gerry Dendrinos & Dr Teresa Nicoletti, lawyer representing CMA to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Do take a look at the wonderful photos from the night! Everybody was bowled over by the dress designed by Sherre Maniks and worn by actress & MC for the night, Zoe Naylor. Actually it wasn't just a dress, it was a statement outfit or wearable art or an iconic dress as photos show!

Also on the night was the launch of a major campaign to protect individual right to access complimentary healthcare here in Australia. Currently regulatory reforms may restrict many commonly used complementary health providers. Please read item one below and visit & sign up to show support.

Finally we shall be running our "Homeopathy for the Home" workshops on Sat 19th August & Wed 20th September. Places are still available, call 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place!

HOT OFF THE PRESS. Our Media team Adoni successfully managed to get Seven's The Daily Edition to conduct a 2 minute 20 segment on homeopathy and the film, Just One Drop, with Laurel Chiten on Tuesday 1st August.

Laurel was able to talk about the film and give a mention as well. Please follow the link below and like, share and comment on the official 7 site so that the TV bosses can see that the story and complementary health is an issue people care about. Click here to view.
Your Health Your Choice

You may be aware that regulatory reforms are being considered to restrict access to complementary healthcare here in Australia. Patient's choice to use Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, herbal medicine, feldenkrais, & many other commonly used natural therapies is under threat.

Along with other attacks, Australia's NHMRC (National Health & Medical research Council) ignored positive evidence in declaring popular therapies are not effective. These "biased" reports & on-going attacks will see your choices restricted
Consumer support is vital if we are going to protect future choice in healthcare.

Show your support and join the campaign at We are asking for your help to reach the two in three Australians who use complementary medicine and natural therapies.

Practitioners, Associations, Organisations and consumers are invited to be part of an official launch which is calling for a Senate enquiry into bias and an investigation into the NHMRC report that's being used to influence restrictive regulatory changes and erode public confidence in complementary medicine and natural therapies.

Sign up and share through your personal, professional & client networks, It's easy...
  1. Join the campaign at

  2. Share on FB & Twitter -

  3. Discuss this important campaign in your newsletters & blogs

  4. Donate & support the campaign

  5. Share your stories of success with natural therapies

Thank you in advance for your consideration & please do spread the word. This campaign was launched nationwide across Australia 10 days ago and we already have 6670 signatures. Our aim is to achieve 100,000 so DO help us secure the future of Complementary Medicine here in Australia.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who uses complementary medicine.
Just One Drop - Brisbane Date Confirmed
AHA QLD Branch is proud to announce the screening of Just One Drop

Laurel Chiten, the film maker, will attend the screening and conduct a Question and Answer session. Tickets on sale now $26 pp.
There has already been immense interest in this event, with the screening recently being upgraded to a larger theatre. Don't delay buy your ticket today!

Just One Drop

Cinema: Dendy Portside QLD
Screening Date: Thurs 17th August at 7:00pm
Purchase: Anyone can buy tickets to the Just One Drop screening at our own dedicated page here.

Listen to Lauren's Interview with Dimple in Perth here in Vimeo.
Scientists warn that antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea is on the rise: Can Homeopathy have a role to play?
New drugs and better preventative methods urgently needed
07 July 2017

Every day, more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections are acquired worldwide, and each year an estimated 78 million people are infected with gonorrhoea (1). New data from 77 countries show that antibiotic resistance is making gonorrhoea much harder and sometimes impossible to treat.

The data has been published in PLOS, in two new scientific articles led respectively by authors from WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research including HRP, and the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP). Read more here.

Gonorrhoea is a major public health challenge today, due to the high incidence of infections accompanied by a dwindling number of treatment options. The objective of this global action plan is to control the spread and minimize the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Neisseria gonorrhoeae (N. gonorrhoeae). Read more here.
Highlights of the Homeopathic Research Conf MALTA
In June, the 3rd Homeopathy Research Institute Conference, "Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy" took place in Malta. This fascinating and vibrant event brought together experienced researchers and homeopaths from across the world.

Among the presenters from the UK were Society of Homeopath's Research consultants Dr Alison Fixsen and Philippa Fibert, ex SOH Research consultant Rachel Roberts, (who now heads the HRI), SOH members Hazel Partington and Dr Jean Duckworth from UCLAN and Zofia Dymitr. Dr Peter Fisher, Dr Robert Mathie, Dr Lional Milgrom and Dr Stephen Cartwright also presented.

Alison Fixsen focused on the question of whether homeopathy could offer a viable alterative to antibiotics for upper respiratory infections. The UK strategy 2013-2018 regards development of novel therapies as an important part of a multifaceted approach to tackling anti-microbial resistance (AMR). At least 2 million people per year are infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics in the United States, and homeopathy offers a viable, patient centered solution, at the least for treatment of mild upper respiratory tract infections
1, ear infections 2 and potentially more serious conditions.3 She is presently finishing a paper on this topic.

Peter Fisher also discussed the massive global problem of antibiotic resistance (AMR), and discussed the current strategies for tacking it. He pointed out that multi morbidity and polypharmacy are two of the greatest problems facing medicine today. Nowadays it is far from uncommon for people to end up on 8-10 drugs. Instead we need to look at reviving the idea about constitution, and treating the person, not the disease.

Rachel Roberts presented an analysis of the Australian Report, which had led to headlines suggesting homeopathy to be totally ineffective. Rachel and co-authors have found the report to be highly flawed; that the published, negative study replaces a previous, less biased study which was buried; and the inclusion criteria for selected studies unreasonable. For further information see, and the film Just One Drop.

1. Bell IR, Boyer NN. Homeopathic medications as clinical alternatives for symptomatic care of acute otitis media and upper respiratory infections in children. Glob Adv Heal Med [Internet]. 2013;2. Available from:
2. Fixsen A. Should homeopathy be considered as part of a treatment strategy for otitis media with effusion in children? Homeopathy. 2013;102(2):145-50 .
3. Bornhoft G, Matthiessen PF. Homeopathy in Healthcare - Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs. An HTA report on homeopathy as part of the Swiss Complementary Medicine Evaluation Programme. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag; 2011.
4. Mathie RT, Ramparsad N, Legg LA, Clausen J, Moss S, Davidson JRT, Messow C-M, McConnachie A.Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of non-individualised homeopathic treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis. Systematic Reviews 2017; 6: 63
5. Cartwright, SJ. Interaction of homeopathic potencies with the water soluble solvatochromic dye bis
dimethylaminofuchsone. Part 1: pH studies. Homeopathy, 2017;106(1):37-46
Los Alamos Study finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA
Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices?

Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.

Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News.

With fabricated results, the technology was quickly rushed into every airport worldwide. No one listened to what the scientists in the field of radiation were trying to tell them - it's not safe.

It wasn't until the backscatter radiation levels the scanners were putting off began showing an increased incidence of cancer in TSA agents (along with the lawsuits that quickly followed), that the devices were finally yanked. The TSA quickly scrambled for another solution.

Now they also want us to believe that the replacement technology, millimeter wave "digital strip search" scanners, are also "perfectly safe". Read more here.
Homeopathy for Travel

Make sure to add your homeopathy kit to your luggage when next travelling. Common remedies in these articles show how to self-treat travel sickness, fatigue, shipboard fevers, backache, constipation, and more.

Testimonial Corner
We love to hear your experience of Homeopathy. DO write in &and tell us your experiences

Daughter with ear infection
"Thanks! PS, P slept through last night which was so great! When I asked her how her ear was feeling this morning, she said "great!" hehe.

The GP did prescribe antibiotics, but I said I will see how she goes tonight and make a decision tomorrow. She said it would be unlikely that she wouldn't be unsettled last night as well. The power of homeopathy! Thanks again."

Son with cold sore virus
"Mother D re son D - May 2017 - My story is so long but I will try and make it shorter for you all to read .My son who is now seven and a half contracted the cold sore virus at age 18 months nobody can tell me how as both my husband and I had no outbreaks of cold sores ever before.

And yes, he got it bad really bad to the point of almost hospital admission the virus covered his face and some of his hands arms and chest and nothing seemed to make it lessen even on day seven. He was at last given the adult herpes medication which seemed to stop it from spreading and dry up my poor baby's body. I was told that further outbreaks where unlikely as it a virus that lays dominant in most human's bodies

Well not for my little boy he continued to have an outbreaks about every five to six weeks each outbreak taking up to 10 to 12 days to heal and start to disappear and yes this went on for years I saw every doctor public and when they came up with their plan I followed it to the letter when the outbreaks where still occurring I requested a higher specialist to see my son when I ran out of the public system I went private and continued my quest as to find out why my son kept getting more and more cold sores outbreaks where still occurring I requested a higher specialist to see my son when I ran out of the public system I went private and continued my quest as to find out why my son kept getting more and more cold sores outbreaks. And yes, all these years he had I'm unable to remember because they were so many blood test skin scraping and more test all in an effort to see why my son keeping getting cold sores.

All these tests where done while we were living in Melbourne and Brisbane (nothing bad about Brisbane but Melbourne seems to have more well of every sort of specialist). All the tests came back as he is a fine healthy child with no hidden underlying cause for the continuing outbreaks.

At least that was good to know that my son had nothing medically wrong with him.

It came to a point where the head of Infectious Diseases at the Royal Brisbane Hospital knew my family by first name basis. After three and a half years of looking for answers we were told that they really have no more of an idea as to why my son has continuous outbreaks on a monthly basis and he would have to be on an adult herpes medication daily for the rest of his life in an effort to only slow down the rate of outbreaks.

You can imagine how well that when down me his mother whilst he was in my care had allowed this to happen to my sweet little 18-month son I was devastated that this would now be his ongoing life (well done MUM). No, I never gave up I wouldn't let this be him for the rest of his forever I started looking elsewhere for answers as the whole medical science had nothing more to give or try on my son.

We had over the last five years been going to a family chiropractor in Melbourne and Brisbane whilst at one of my Brisbane approximant I was given Jane Lindsey business card and told to give her a call. Well I did several months later when I was at my wits end with yet more out breaks but now they were getting wider spread and covering more skin. So, we made an appointment with Jane Lindsey after much talking and scanning we came up with an action plan.

I walked away thinking to myself NO REALLY could it be this easy after all that we had been though and I have most likely forgotten some of the worst parts as you do. Well within the next six months following our appointment my son's outbreaks where slowing down at last it had only been about four plus years in the making.

His outbreaks became less and less to the point where you would actual forget that he had outbreaks at all sigh after four plus years of being on guard about his cold sores I could stand back and breath once more.

There are times now where my son will go six months without an outbreak and when he does it is a small pimple sized on his lip which with Jane's help and advice heals quickly. My son is now seven and a half and is the light of my life to see him not have to go through what he went through for those first four years is nothing short of a blessing and I owe it all to Jane Lindsay. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Upcoming Workshops

Homeopathy for the Home Workshops

If you'd like to learn more about Homeopathy why not attend one of our Homeopathy for the Home workshops. Here's what recent attendees have said:
"The content of the course was fantastic, super information - also the way in which Jane presents the information, with great passion & knowledge, was amazing. Thank you! I have a new love of Homeopathy"

"R had forwarded me an email asking if I would be interesting in attending today and I quickly replied yes, not really having any expectations but always keen to add to my knowledge in the holistic health arena. Today was much more than I expected and your passion and incredible knowledge of homeopathy really came through strongly".

Forthcoming Dates: Saturday 19th August and separate day workshop Wednesday 20th September

Venue: Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre 151 Boundary Road Bardon 4065

Time: 9.45am - 2.30pm

Fee: $85 to include workbook, mini Materia Medica/ remedy information & handouts

Books & Homeopathic Kits available to purchase on the day

Tel: 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place with $20 deposit

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