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Conquer the kitchen clutter - a gift for Mum this Mother's Day!

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Easter has come and gone and what a great break it was - five days of chocolate infused bliss! If you were like me you hit the bush or beach for a relaxing camping holiday - but many of my clients took the opportunity to declutter and organise their homes. I was impressed! It seems the trend to downsize our possessions and simplify our lives is catching hold.

Mother's Day is the next special day on the calendar - and if you would love to help your mum simplify her life, take a look at my article on conquering kitchen clutter (it could also be the perfect gift idea that won't cost you a cent!).

Here's to harmony in your home!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

Conquering Kitchen Clutter

Would you like your kitchen to be a calm cooking and command centre?

Here's how:

The perfect pantry: Get rid of expired items or food you will never eat. Make it a game for the kids and let them search for the expiration dates.

Group items such as packets and condiments together and keep stock items like rice and past in clear, airtight containers. They will keep longer, be pest proof (against those pesky weavils) and you will also see when you are running low. Consider storage options such as portable shelves to make the most of high/deep shelves.
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Timely Trivia

8 years:

The amount of time the average woman spends shopping during her lifetime!

Fabulous Feng Shui

3 quick tips:


Windows are the "eye" of the home and symbolise the way you see the world. Freshen the view and create clarity by washing them inside and out.


Your bedroom is the source of your emotional health. Clear it of all distractions from books to exercise equipment to make it feel like your ultimate sanctuary.


Keep chi from going down the drain - keep the toilet seats down and make sure your drains are working properly with no leaks.

Would you like to study Feng Shui or even become a consultant like me?
I will be presenting on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) Friday 28 October to Wednesday 2nd November 2011.
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10 Minute Make-Overs
  • Pick a room and walk through with a bag or box looking for items, that you no longer love or serve a purpose, to donate or throw out.

  • While watching TV, flick through a pile of old magazines and tear out any articles you may wish to read later (then donate or recycle the magazines)

  • Go through the kids' craft supplies and donate surplus items to after-school programs or women's shelters

  • Always open mail near the recycling bin and shredder. Dump all junk mail after reading (in the recycling bin and not on the counter).

  • Waiting on hold? Use this time to delete emails and empty junk folder.

Stuck for last minute Mother's Day gift ideas?

How about:

Re-organising her pantry and cleaning out the fridge

Having a fun afternoon doing a wardrobe make-over

Enhancing the chi in her home by shouting her a Domestic Downsizing Feng Shui consultation

Helping her to purge and sort her book and CD collections

Buying her a slow cooker to help her spend less time in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove -

$5.95 and you can "Declutter and Organise Your Home" the easy way.

"The Essential Guide to Declutter and Organise Your Home" is a fantastic eBook where we get to the roots of your clutter. Plus you get Kerri's 13 top tips to make decluttering easy.

Click here to read the first two chapters complimentary or get your instant download of the eBook for only $5.95 and be on your way to organised bliss today.


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