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Jane Lindsay - Health for all the Family Naturally

Health for all the Family - Naturally! Read online here
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Health for all the Family - Naturally!


As we enter "Spring" a time of regeneration and renewal, I am delighted to report that the "Your Health Your Choice" Campaign continues to gather momentum. To date over 20,000 signatures, please continue to share

See article 1 below for further details of update & published articles as part of an on-going media campaign.

The Just One Drop Documentary about Homeopathy continues to tour across regional centres throughout Australia including at New Farm Cinemas on Monday 13th November. Book here.

And also at Sunshine Coast Nambour on Wed 15th November. Book here.

Another film about Homeopathy "Magic Pills" has also been launched (See item 1 below for more info).
Last month whilst in Sydney I visited the May Gibbs (1977 - 1969) beautiful harbourside home "Nutcote." May Gibbs, Australia's foremost children's author and illustrator and best known today for her iconic story The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. Nutcote is located in Sydney's Neutral Bay and now a house museum surrounded by delightful gardens. Whilst there I spotted this poster May was commissioned to produce for "The Division of Maternal Welfare" at a time when infant mortality rates in Australia were especially high.

On Saturday 28th October Your Body Works at Gordon Park have a "Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Workshop" from 1.30pm - 3.30pm at 112 Thistle Street, Gordon Park for all expectant mothers looking to support their health & that of their children naturally. I shall be there together with a midwife, acupuncturist, hypnobirthing therapist, pregnancy & infant masseuse. Please contact Your Body Works on 07 3857 0511 for more information.
Fertility and the declining rates of fertility features within our YHYC campaign with reference to Ruth Sharkey author of "Fertile Fathers" (find out about the book here) supporting our campaign.

Hot off the Press: Living Tree Orchid Essence Aura Sprays - Now Back in Stock!

Our beautiful range of Orchid Essences & Aura Sprays have recently been replenished and new stock is now available.

Click here for information on our unique sprays and email me if you would like to order Our new website will follow in November.

Finally, don't forget you may book in online for Bardon or Wooloowin appointments at and also on Facebook here.

Yours in Health & Homeopathy
Magic Pills - A film about Homeopathy

Ananda More hopes her new film 'Magic Pills' will act as a catalyst for increased awareness about homeopathy. Read her latest update on where and when we can expect to see it.
Your Health Your Choice (YHYC) - Living Now
Your Health Your Choice: fighting to protect healthcare rights

Two out of three Australians use complementary medicine and their right to access is under threat. The Your Health Your Choice campaign is one response.

Practitioners and patients fed up with ongoing attacks on complementary medicine and natural therapies are uniting like never before as part of Australia's largest ever natural medicine healthcare campaign.

Within three weeks of launching, had more than 10,000 people sign up and had created an online community engaging with more than 130,000 people.

Some of Australia's most well-known faces and supporters of natural medicine have put their names to the campaign, including famous naturopath and herbalist, Ruth Sharkey, who was dubbed in the media Australia's ‘baby maker' [see her recent article, Where are the fertile fathers. Ed.].
Homeopathy for Wounds
Anti-biotic resistance is seen globally as a major threat to health. Five cases reported below show how homeopathy met the challenge of infected wounds, lacerations, bites, cellulitis, and more.

The world is running out of anti-biotics latest WHO report confirms.
NES Health
What is Nes Provision? - What is NES?

The Nutri Energetics System is the first and only system capable of accurately identifying & visually presenting a complete range of information about the location and causes of ill health. It offers integration of science & technology and provides a pathway to healing for individuals to get well & stay well.

It quickly allows the practitioner to get to the root causes of illness and will often find factors that even the most sophisticated and expensive laboratory and imaging tests cannot detect.

All this is done rapidly and non-invasively.
Additionally, it gives precise information about the specific infoceuticals needed to repair the body's bioenergy field at the quantum level, bringing the body back towards optimal functioning, healing and well-being.

It is a uniquely profound and effective system.

Book your Provision scan here or email for more info.
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