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Domestic Downsizing Innovative Organising Ideas...

How to Become a Declutter Diva

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, hello!

Summer is in full swing here in the United States although I am feeling for the majority of my readers shivering back in Australia. So while I am taking refuge in my air-conditioned office (and my wading pool!) I am also taking advantage of this time to write articles, tools and tips to motivate you all to get started on your own decluttering, organising and styling endeavours.

In addition to my blog Organise Me I am also embarking on writing a book: "The Diary of a Declutter Diva. The No-Nonsense Guide To Curb Your Clutter, Optimise Your Organisation & Sass Up Your Styling!"

So in honour of this, all future issues of my enewsletter will follow this theme which will make it easy for you to become your own Declutter Diva! Oh and for my Feng Shui fans, I will also have the section: Fine-tune your Feng Shui.

Enjoy (and get ready to get going!)
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser | Interior Stylist | Feng Shui Consultant

Curb Your Clutter - How To Manage Your Magazines

How do you keep magazines from piling up in your home and taking over?
  1. Only buy or subscribe to magazines you really want (don't subscribe to a magazine just because you're getting a discounted price or it was a fundraiser - just donate $ instead).

  2. Be aware of what is coming in the mail. Do you really read your university alma mata or the NRMA magazine? Cancel those subscriptions now.

  3. Decide what to do with your magazines once you've read them: pass them on or recycle them. Scan selected pages if you want to keep any particular articles.

  4. Go digital to stop the printed clutter altogether. If you have an e-reader you can subscribe to many magazines digitally (via Amazon and iTunes).

Optimise Your Organisation - The Shoe Organiser (Not Just For Shoes)

Take a look around your home and see what items you have that can be repurposed for organisation and storage.

Here's a great one: the See-Through-Shoe-Organiser

Use it for:

  1. Bathroom: soaps, razors, sprays, washcloths, medicines, makeup.

  2. Kitchen: makes a great spice rack or pantry for often used items.

  3. Garage: store rags, car wash/polish bottles, tools, garden supplies.

  4. Kids underwear/toys: use a different pouch each for undies/socks or for those tiny toy pieces.

  5. Bar: store wine/liquor bottles, cocktail shaker, glasses, bar tools and bar towels.

  6. Gift wrapping: bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, cards etc.

  7. Art/craft supplies: paints, pens, brushes, tools etc.

Sass Up Your Styling - Assess Your Current Home Before You Buy A Thing!


When it comes to styling your home, it should only be filled with things that you absolutely love.

Try this exercise:
  1. Step back and consider your home like a visitor - what do you see?

  2. Look around the home critically - what pieces do you love and why? What's just taking up space?

  3. Questions to ask include:

  • Which rooms make you feel most comfortable / uncomfortable? Why?

  • Is there a room you never use? Are there items you never use?

  • What's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?

  • What's the first thing you see when you walk through the front door?

  • Are there items in your home that no longer reflect who you are or that you have outgrown?

Once you have assessed the current situation, set a new intention for the home. How do you want it to look, feel, smell and sound? Make a mood board of these elements. It's all about creating a house that reflects YOU, who you are now, who you want to become and what makes your heart sing when you walk through the door.

Fine-Tune Your Feng Shui - So What Is Chi?

Chi (energy) is the generating force behind all things and in order to create wealth in your life you need to master your Chi. But how do you do that? Your home environment is definitely one place you can begin.

Here is an example of things that will raise your Chi and should be enhanced:
  • Anything you think is beautiful such as artwork, a water feature, birds feeding in the garden, pretty cushions.

  • Nice smells such as fresh flowers or candles.

  • Relaxing sounds and music.

  • Anything that flows in smooth curves and curved lines.

Things that lower your Chi and need to be avoided or controlled:

  • Anything that smells bad like garbage or smelly socks.

  • Clutter and anything that is rundown, neglected, unused.

  • Ugly objects or any object that brings bad memories e.g. presents from someone you no longer talk to.

  • Potentially harmful objects such as noisy crowded roads, power lines, polluted air or water.

  • Anything past its use by date such as dying plants/flowers, bad food.

  • Sharp cornered objects pointing at you.

There are many cures and enhancements to raise the level of Chi in your home - stay tuned for future articles to learn what they are.

App Of The Month - Cozi Family Organiser


Manage your jam-packed life and keep the whole family in the loop!

Cozi includes a calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and more which are all accessible from any mobile device as well as from any computer and the whole family shares one account.


Free and available at iTunes here. I use it and highly recommend it!

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