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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

April 2014 Newsletter  |  Nurture the Soul
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  Living Tree Orchid Essence Training Workshops - Level 1
  New essences - Inner Peace
  Aura Sprays - Buy 2 get 1 free - Easter Extravaganza!
  NEW - Orchid Essence Cards

As we approach Easter & move towards the winter Equinox in June, this time of year provides an opportunity to reflect, retrench & then renew our energy & individual life force.

As humans we may see ourselves as separate from nature but in fact we are one with all that this planet is - her material is our body, we share the same natural patterns and are of the same life force of creation as all life on this planet. We are both shaped by our world and shapers of it. Vibrational essences are essences of life - patterns of plant, mineral, animal and event forms - 'patterns of life force', as Julian Barnard states - (UK Essence maker of Healing Herbs/ Bach's Healer's & Helpers).

So what are Vibrational Flower Essences for? - For life! Life flows and changes and evolves, with each part playing its individual role. When we become closed or stuck - whether through fears, family and karmic patterns, doubts, unloving and hurtful attitudes, whatever situation, outlooks and habits, through ill influences distorting our life path and purpose.
Releasing Karmic Patterns - Single orchid Essence - Helps to release negative belief patterns
  Whenever & whatever influences us negatively against creation's flow of life, we can receive help from nature & her bounty of flower essences to restore the flow & joy to our lives.

We may use flower, gem and other essences of nature for a very wide variety of purposes. For day-to-day health improvement, to develop emotional flow and strength, to balance and harmonise, to support a spiritual path, to cultivate positive mental attitudes and values, to enhance any form of therapy, to help the animals and plants in our care. Our exclusive range of Vibrational Orchid Essences are here to support this flow of life, to enhance our experience, to heal the hurt & to herald the future with great expectations. If you would like to know more of these unique essences do join us for one of our Level 1 workshops in July or August - see info below or email Jane
  Living Tree Orchid Essence Training Workshops - Level 1
Learn about the unique qualities of the Living Tree Orchid Essences & how they can enhance your practice, your health & enjoyment & experience of life!

Sat 12 - Sun 13 July
Sat 16 - Sun 17 August

After many requests we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting 2 day training workshops on the Living Tree Orchid Essences commencing in July in Brisbane. It is intended we will follow through with further workshops addressing & introducing further essences from the range of now 127 essences as well as specific therapeutic use of the essences.

Our July & August workshops will introduce the range & explore the unique offering Orchids bring us & the potential for healing & nurturing ourselves, clients & family.

More details about the workshops can be found here.

To express interest / book contact Jane:

Melbourne & NZ Dates tbc. Note if you have a group of 12 - 15 interested we are happy to travel & bring this course to you.
Jane's Background - My aim as a practitioner & healer is to work with patients to meet their individual needs; identifying remedies to match the individual's symptoms to support their journey of healing. For the past 12 years or so I have explored the increasingly significant role which flower essences can play in strengthening the Vital Force and supporting the healing process alongside my Homeopathic practice. In particular the Living Tree Orchid Essences (LTOE) have provided me with an invaluable tool to enhance the therapeutic process & bring harmony to the body, mind & soul.

The Living Tree Orchid Essence Range is a unique & beautiful collection of over 127 Vibrational flower essences & 48 Aura Sprays which combine the Orchid essences with specific essential oils to give enhanced therapeutic benefit.

Five years ago I established "Healing Orchids Australia" see to bring these unique essences to practitioners in Australia & NZ. These Living Tree Orchid Essences are now being used by a range of therapists including Homeopaths, Osteopaths, reflexologists, kinesiologists, as well as NLP& EFT practitioners to enhance the treatment process.
  New essences - Inner Peace
Inner Peace

The newest essence came into being early March, though it was anticipated for the past year. Our colleague Adrian saw Dendrobium eximium in bloom in our greenhouse 11 months ago, and felt immediately drawn to it. But as those blooms had been out for 2 months already, we decided to wait until it came back into bloom this year. And so it did.
This essence prepares one to experience true peace, as known by those who have reached the highest levels of their spiritual journey. "That Peace which surpasses all Understanding." This orchid's extraordinary gift to us can be seen as a new energetic constellation, which is perhaps the ultimate gift of the orchids.

Along with the blooms, this essence had a small phantom quartz in the bowl during its making.
  Aura Sprays - Buy 2 get 1 free - Easter Extravaganza!
"But 2 get 1 Free" on all our 120ml Aura Sprays until end May, whilst stock lasts.

Order 2 aura sprays on-line & place your 3rd & 4th choice (just in case we're out of stock of your 3rd aura spray) in the comment box on the order form.

Click here to view our full range of Aura Sprays.

A quick summary of the therapeutic benefits of our best-selling Aura Sprays:
Angelic Canopy - Our Emergency essence to calm & reassure "Like an Angelic Shower"

Being Present - Helps adjustment to local time zones & prevention of Jet Lag when travelling?

Click here to find out more.

Available as both Orchid Essence & 60ml travel size Aura Spray. Being Present is an excellent essence & spray to use for both long-haul flights & shorter car journeys as many of our customers will testify. It brings us into the moment so also useful for studying & for therapists in practice to help facilitate a profound healing environment.

Other Aura Sprays include:

Clearing & Releasing - Contains Angelic Canopy & Pushing Back the Night - Releases tension & clears negative belief patterns. Great for space clearing/ room cleansing.

Defend & Protect - Contains Defender of the Dark and Protective Presence Essences. Both orchids display a fierce attentiveness, warding of malign influences. When one is faced by external negative entities, this is a very powerful combination to provide protective armouring for our spirit. It helps to re-energise our determination to move forward on life's difficult paths, with a deeper sense of our true worth.

Defend Protect & Purify - This Aura Spray contains Joyful Purification, Defender from the Dark, Protective Presence & provides protection as in Defender of the Dark but also a deeply purifying protective element as well.

Gentle Sleep - This spray combines Purity of Heart, Boundless Peace & Unconditional Snuggles to help facilitate a deep & more relaxed sleep

Positive Flow - This aura Spray combines Positive Outcome & Pushing Back the Night - First introduced in 2010 in response to the global economic downturn this Aura Spray gives stamina* & Optimism in difficult times

Soul Shield Plus - Gives psychic & Auric protection & gives protective barrier when working in or entering into unsafe areas. People who work with the light may attract dark energies, Soul Shield Plus gives a protective barrier & also helps to repel the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies. Our new formulae contains the essence Energy Matrix protection which preserves the integrity of the human body cellular matrix when exposed to EMF, X-ray, radiation etc. SO also useful when travelling & going through body scans etc.

Temple of Light - Integrates the energy systems of the body, in particular the heart chakra, crown & bai-hui point. Balancing & cantering, used to cleanse room space & house clearing.

White Beauty - A loving & nurturing spray, one of our most popular sprays because of its distressing & relaxing qualities.
  NEW - Orchid Essence Cards
Our new, larger deck of 135 Orchid Healing Cards have made a great impact amoungst practitioners who love the new larger cards. The cards measure 3.5" x 5" or 89mm x 127mm and are presented in a lovely printed rigid cardboard box. The cards are be twice the size of our previous orchid photo cards, and retail for $60 plus GST p&p. Here below you can see samples of the new card designs.

Click here to purchase.

  Living Tree Orchid Essence Workshops

Learn about the unique qualities of the Living Tree Orchid Essences & how they can enhance your practice, your health & enjoyment & experience of life!

Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 July
Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 August

More details about the workshops can be found here.
To express interest / book contact Jane:
Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,


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