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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

October 2014 Newsletter  |  Nurture the Soul
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  Aura Sprays Special - Buy 2 Get 1 Free! - Whilst stocks last
  New Essences For October 2014
  TEK Courses with Dr Adrian Brito-Babapaulle - 2015  UK and Italy

We have recently held a series of 2 day workshops on the Living Tree Orchid essences which have been well received by both practitioners and public alike. Thank you for all who attended these fun, informative and transformational weekends. We also launched our new Practitioner Manuals at these weekends, this is a practical and sturdy A3 working manual designed to help quickly access information on each of the Essences and Aura Sprays, as well as having space to record observations from taking/ giving the essences and patient testimonials etc.
Images are in full colour on durable heavyweight paper. As this is in ring binder format new essences will be added as and when available.

If you are interested in attending workshops in 2015 in Brisbane and Melbourne, please express interest by emailing me Practitioner Manuals are now available. Click here to order.

This October we also have 7 exciting new essences now available in Australia , 4 single essences "Seeds of Time", "Inner Peace", "Compassionate Heart" and Ti Kouka (Cabbage Palm) as well as 3 combination essences "Life Cycle renewal", "Just Center", "Self renewal". See below for further details and click on link to be taken to the web-page for more info and to order.

Having passed the Spring Equinox towards the end of September we move towards summer, a chance for renewal and re-energising as a cycle of fertility recommences in nature and on the land. Queensland summers may be hot and humid, we have many beautiful essences and aura sprays to help remain centred and grounded as well as to assist in the seasonal changes and emotional challenges of daily life.

We are also pleased to be able to repeat our previous offer on our Aura Sprays of "Buy 2 get 1 free". See note below on ordering. Subject to availability while stocks last.

Finally Dr Adrian Brito-Babapaulle will be hosting TEK (Therapeutic Energetic Seminars in Italy in June 2015 at the Beautiful Lake Maggiore and in September in UK, venue tbc. Further details below and if you are interested please contact me
  AURA SPRAYS SPECIAL - BUY @ GET 1 FREE! - Whilst stocks last
Order 2 aura sprays on-line and place your 3rd and 4th choice (just in case we're out of stock of your 3rd aura spray) in the comment box on order form.

See our website for our full range of Aura Sprays.

A quick summary of the therapeutic benefits of our best-selling Aura Sprays:

Angelic Canopy - Our Emergency essence to calm and reassure "Like an Angelic Shower".

Being Present - Helps adjustment to local time zones and prevention of Jet Lag when travelling?

Available as both Orchid Essence and 60ml travel size Aura Spray. Being Present is an excellent essence and spray to use for both long-haul flights and shorter car journeys as many of our customers will testify. It brings us into the moment so also useful for studying and for therapists in practice to help facilitate a profound healing environment.

Other Aura Sprays include:

Clearing and Releasing -  Contains Angelic Canopy and Pushing Back the Night - Releases tension and clears negative belief patterns - Great for space clearing, room cleansing.

Defend Protect and Purify - This Aura Spray contains Joyful Purification, Defender from the Dark, Protective Presence and provides protection as in Defender of the Dark but also a deeply purifying protective element as well.

Gentle Sleep - This spray combines Purity of Heart, Boundless Peace and Unconditional Snuggles to help facilitate a deep and more relaxed sleep.

Positive Flow - This aura Spray combines Positive Outcome and Pushing Back the Night - First introduced in 2010 in response to the global economic downturn this Aura Spray gives stamina and Optimism in difficult times

Soul Shield Plus - Gives psychic and Auric protection. Our new formula contains the essence Energy Matrix protection which preserves the integrity of the human body cellular matrix when exposed to EMF, X-ray, radiation etc. Also useful when traveling and going through body scans etc.

Temple of Light - Integrates the energy systems of the body, in particular the heart chakra, crown and bai-hui point. Balancing and cantering, used to cleanse room space and house clearing.

White Beauty - A loving and nurturing spray, one of our most popular sprays because of its de-stressing and relaxing qualities
  NEW Essences For October 2014
Life Cycle renewal

The only combination we have created specifically for women. This essence combination arose as a request by the pharmacy in Switzerland as to a possible help in menopausal hot flushes and associated symptoms. This essence has already shown its efficacy in reducing these symptoms by 80% in one case and since then has also been shown to have a possible beneficial effect on the potential to miscarry in the early stages of pregnancy.

The essence is made from Silver Ghost, Blue Angel, Fruits of Love and Centre Renewal; it activates the centres of energy which control the hormonal function either at menopause or early pregnancy. Though designed specifically to help women over the age of about 50, it nevertheless helps with the challenges of the female cycle in all age groups. Works best when taken in tandem with Coming Home (LCR in the morning, and CH in the evening), this essence also has a deep calming effect.

Purchase here

Seeds from Time - Pleurothalus truncata

The flowers look like seeds and have a multiplicity of floral spikes.

My take on the essence is that is to enable to see the origin of everything in this Universe (The seeds) and our own seeds of energetic understandings which bring into being the things we know or should know.

This essence may bring the emotion of intense relief, as if some nightmare situation has suddenly and unexpectedly been completely removed. Has little response in the lower chakras, with its anchor point in the Heart Chakra, but it then rises to the 14th, 19th, 20th, 22nd Chakras. Amongst other aspects this essence can bring flashes of intuitive knowledge. Provides an opportunity to access information and energies which have been buried for a long time, to bring it into this lifetime. The flowers look like small orange seeds and are presented on a multiplicity of floral spikes. Helps us in re-discovering the 'seeds' which are the origins of everything, which have been waiting to germinate further, providing us with a deeper understanding of the Universe. This essence is one of the gatekeepers of the other realms. 

Purchase here

Self Renewal

Sometimes after the death of someone close there can be a sense of emptiness or void within one, even after the grieving process has finished. This sense of a void within makes it difficult to move forward. Self Renewal helps one to retrieve that central sense of inner well-being and wholeness once again. The essence consists of Thoracic Alignment, Compassionate Heart, Base regulator, Centre Renewal and Source of Life

Purchase here

Just Center

This combination of Just me and Centre Renewal was created to help when there are unfortunate and powerful astrological influences affecting our sense of wellbeing. Just Center brings awareness to our inner sense of self-worth, and thereby helping us to not be receptive to these negative external influences.
Like an umbrella shielding us from 'astrological rain', this essence works at multiple levels to assist us in coping with such unseen influences more gracefully.

Purchase here
Ti Kouka (Cabbage Palm)

A heightening, cleansing and calming essence. Ti Kouka has a powerful signature, and has effects on the 1st 2nd, 4th 5th 7th and 12th chakras. (Connects with the Fruits of Love and Voice of Courage receptors.)
Increases the clarity of sight, and the quality and depth of the breath. Brings balance to the yin and yang energies in the pelvis. A native of New Zealand, Ti Kouka is the Maori name for Cordalyne australis. It thrives in the gentle climate of Gigha, and this essence was made by Emma and Don in Achamore Gardens.

Purchase here

Inner Peace - Dendrobium eximium

This being early March, though it was anticipated for the past year. Our colleague Adrian saw Dendrobium eximium in bloom in our greenhouse 11 months ago, and felt immediately drawn to it. But as those blooms had been out for 2 months already, we decided to wait until it came back into bloom this year. And so it did.

This essence prepares one to experience true peace, as known by those who have reached the highest levels of their spiritual journey.

"That Peace which surpasses all Understanding." This orchid's extraordinary gift to us can be seen as a new energetic constellation, which is perhaps the ultimate gift of the orchids.

Along with the blooms, this essence had a small phantom quartz in the bowl during its making.

Purchase here
Compassionate Heart Compassionate Heart - Doritaenopsis Rong Guan Mary

Compassionate Heart fills a gap between Healing the Higher Heart and Wisdom of Compassion, drawing us deeper into the heart's direct experience of Compassion for all beings. Awakens the Healer within. Allows us to participate in the fullness of the nature of compassion. Follows in a tri with LOVES GIFT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

A reminder of 2 new essences from last quarter and their therapeutic benefits.

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Removes negative energies, and may also serve as an enhancer for some of the orchid essences. Amethyst is both clarifying and calming, and helps focus the mind. Helps bring the energy one needs to accomplish goals, especially goals of a spiritual or caring nature.

Purchase here
Immediate relief

This combination was created to open up channels in the energy body which may become blocked by moments of high stress, to facilitate healing at multiple levels. Gives spiritual support at a deep level of the psyche. In very stressful circumstances we are likely to lose our connection with higher aspects of our soul or psyche; this combination relieves the shock and enables a reconnection with our highest inner alignment.

Purchase here
  TEK Courses with Dr Adrian Brito-Babapaulle - 2015 UK and Italy
TEK (Therapeutic Energetic Kinesiology ) and the LTOE TEK protocol is an advanced Kinesiology approach which was derived and developed to facilitate and improve the prescribing of homoeopathy in the first instance, but later to improve the prescribing of the Orchid essences as well. Courses with Adrian will take place in June at Lake Maggiore and in September - Dates to be finalised soon.

The TEK protocol is designed to treat the body by healing the soul. There will be a number of hours of practical exposure to the protocol through the week, including in the evenings after supper. This is a powerful course for professional training, to bring a great depth as well as precision to one's work with the Living Tree Orchid essences.

Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle

Click here to learn more.

Email for more info and to express interest.
  "Homeopathy For The Home" Workshops


Saturday 11th October at Barden
from 9:30am - 3:30pm

Please contact reception on 07 3368 1300 for more information or
click here to send an email and reserve your place

Do check out our AHA QLD website for more info on Homeopathy in Queensland, here.
Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,


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