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7 top tips to organise your photo's

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Goodbye Summer...and hello Autumn! ,

Summer is now officially over - although here in Brisbane you wouldn't know it with our recent weather. Not to mention we are only two months into 2011 and we have already been dealt our fair share of catastrophic natural events.

After everything that has happened in Queensland, I was also in Christchurch the week before the earthquake and was speaking afterwards to family who are based there (unhurt thank goodness). They remarked that even after the original quake in September, they did not think to have important things such as papers or emergency supplies packed ready to go should another one hit.

This made me think - how prepared are you for floods, cyclones, earthquakes or bushfires? Could you grab your most treasured possessions and flee if the need arose? Or would you lose the lot? See my advice below and do as the Scouts say: "Be prepared".


Here's to harmony in your home!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant


Averting a Disaster

Are you prepared if your home and life were faced with imminent danger? Can you put your hand on your passport, insurance papers, birth certificates within one minute? What about your treasured photos of family members who have passed?

The number one tip I give to all my clients when I am helping them organise their homes and lives is this: grab a concertina file with a handle (like the one pictured) and file all your important papers and photos and store it by the front door. Fill another bag with treasured unreplaceable keepsakes so if and when the time comes to evacuate you can just grab these and go!

7 Top Tips to Organise Your Photos

Speaking of special many of my clients have this very problem - countless envelopes filled with photos that have never been sorted, filed, stored, looked at and are now getting way out of hand. "How on earth can we get on top of all these year's worth of memories?" they cry!

Click here to read my "7 top tips to organise your photographs"

Fabulous Feng Shui

2 very important tips for the bedroom:

1. There should be no television in your bedroom. If you simply cannot part with it, cover it before you go to sleep at night. A plastic table cloth is ideal, but anything is better than nothing.

2. There should be no mirrors in the bedroom that reflect the bed as they can attract a third party to the relationship!

Selling Homes Successfully

The first step to preparing a home for sale is to let go of your emotional attachment to it. Disassociate yourself. Say "This is not my home; it is a house - a product to be sold much like a box of cereal." Once it is for sale, get used to the fact that someone else now owns it.

Prepare it for them, make them feel at home. Remove your personal items and add ones that will appeal to a wider audience. Use neutral colours and furniture but add colour through simple accessories like cushions and rugs. Take down photos and add some inexpensive but colourful artworks. Let them see themselves living in your house.

Professional Organisers Conference

I managed to tick another item off my bucket list at the Professional Organisers Conference in Christchurch - meeting world renown Organiser Julie Morgenstern from the United States.

Julie has been a regular guest on Oprah and has written many organising books including "Organizing from the Inside Out". She is an inspiration for many organisers around the world.

Click here to read more about Julie and her organising products

[Pictured: myself and Julie at the conference]

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