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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

December 2015 Newsletter  |  Health for all the Family - Naturally
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It is wonderful to see Brisbane ablaze with the regal red display of Poinciana's heralding the beginning of Advent and the Christmas Season., this photo taken outside our home last year.

This month's eNewsletter sees exciting research released into the role that Homeopathic remedies can play in altering cervical Cancer Cells, Monica Belluci confirms her use of and support for Homeopathy and we announce Nes provision scanning available at Bardon, See articles below for more info.

Stop the Press - Our Homeopathy for the Home workshops have proved very popular this year and if you're interested in learning more on how to support your families health naturally and detox your medicine cabinet then do join us on Thursday 10th December for this fun and informative day 9:30am - 2:30pm - Call 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place. There are 1 or 2 places remaining so act swiftly!
If you're in need of a some rest and pampering to recover from an exhausting year then do join Sam Beetson for one of her Pamper days either before Christmas or after when further dates will be scheduled. Sam's details below.

Finally at this time of year we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves and whilst there are many families in need here in Australia this Christmas, after attending a recent event for New Life Ministries we are choosing to support their wonderful work with mothers, orphans and providing life skills for teenagers from the orphanage. Wishing you all and your families a very peaceful, safe and joyous holiday period.

Thank you for reading

Clinic Closure over Christmas Holidays

Jane will be unavailable between 24th December - 6th January (incl) and shall also be away from 26th January - 8th February (incl).

Wishing everyone a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season. May the Peace & Joy of the Season prevail with you and in your homes. Here's to a very Happy Healthy 2016 for all.
  Ground breaking research supports effectiveness of Homeopathic
Ground breaking research supports effectiveness of Homeopathic, Ultra highly diluted plant extracts of Hydrastis Canadensis and Marsdenia condurango inducing epigenetic modifications and alter gene expression profiles in HeLa (Cervical) cells in vitro.

This recent research provides valuable insight into the role Homeopathy can play in supporting altered gene expression.  - Picture left of HeLa cells.

Click here to learn more.

If you're interested in where the HeLa cells came from in 2009 Rebecca Skloot published "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" - A riveting account of the life from whom the original cells for cervical cancer research were taken and from where research helped to develop the Polio vaccine. Henrietta's photo on right.

Henrietta's cells are been bought and sold by billions, yet until recently she has remained virtually unknown, great book for the Christmas stocking!

Click here to read National Geographic interview with the author Rebecca Skloot from 2013.
  NES HEALTH Provision screening now available at Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre - Feel the difference!
What is NES?

The Nutri Energetics System is the first and only system capable of accurately identifying & visually presenting a complete range of information about the location and causes of ill health. It offers integration of science & technology & provides a pathway to healing for individuals to get well & stay well.

It quickly allows the practitioner to get to the root causes of illness and will often find factors that even the most sophisticated and expensive laboratory and imaging tests cannot detect.
All this is done rapidly and non-invasively.

Additionally, it gives precise information about the specific infoceuticals needed to repair the body's bioenergy field at the quantum level, bringing the body back towards optimal functioning, healing and well-being.

It is a uniquely profound and effective system.


In fact, the NES is a revolutionary approach to health, the culmination of twenty-five years of work into how matter is actually structured in the body-the quantum electrodynamic field (QED). Developed by Peter Fraser, Harry Massey and a team of experts, the science behind NES integrates research in the fields of physics, biophotonism, quantum biology, resonance phenomena, advanced mathematics, information technology, Western and Chinese medicine, homeopathy and nutrition. The result is the first accurate map of the human body-field. This discovery is as important as the recent mapping of the human genome or genetic structure.

Click here to read more.

Or call 07 3368 1300 to book in for your Provision scab.
  Homeopathy in the GP Primary Care Setting
Thank you Andrew Ward and Dr Noel Thomas UK: "The savings would run into millions." Well known Classical Homeopath, Andrew Ward, and one of his patients, Karen, describe their experiences with the NHS.

Click here to see the video.
  Monica Bellucci: "Huge supporter" of homeopathy
The 49-year old actor from Spectre, the recent Bond movie, is facing menopause with homeopathy rather than plastic surgery - and Bond doesn't seem to mind one bit!

Click here to read the whole article.
  PAMPER DAY - Pre-Christmas Pamper & Rejuvenation afternoon with Sam Beetson & friends

With the holiday season fast approaching there are so many social events to attend, Christmas Day preparations to plan, etc, etc, etc... Why not take a breather for yourself and have a little "you" time.

We have planned 3 hours of relaxation and nourishment for you which will include:

  • A Luscious foot pamper to rest and rejuvenate your feet (your feet do a lot for you!).

  • A Relaxing head and shoulder or leg massage by a relaxation massage therapist.

  • In between your pampering treatments, make a little something for yourself and create a beaded decoration to adorn your home.

  • Grab a cuppa, a bite to eat and have a chat with other lovely women just like you.

  • Communal library while relaxing in our chill out space. All books are available to borrow on the day.

What to bring? Yourself and a plate of food to share.

When & What time is it? Saturday, 19th December 2015, 1:45pm for a 2pm start and 5pm finish.

Where is it? 13 Butterfly Cres, Samsonvale.

To come along and join a small intimate group of six women for a relaxing afternoon to take time out to spoil yourself all just for an all inclusive cost of $50.
Email Samantha Beetson to secure your spot here.
  Charity Spotlight- New Life Trust
Rescuing Orphans in Myanmar

New Life Trust is an Australian based Charitable Trust that works for the direct relief of poverty and suffering of children. Our Myanmar Project currently provides relief for orphans and abandoned children. New Life Foundation was started in 1992, when a local Pastor and his wife, took in 3 orphans who were dropped at their door.

By early 1994, the number of orphans increased to 17 which necessitated the establishment of a facility on rented land, upon which a dormitory, office, chapel and dining hall were constructed.
In 1998, a small group of Australian Christians came across this organisation on a visit to Myanmar. Since then, this Australian support group been financially supporting the centre, In February 2000, the centre was moved to a new location, about 25kms from the centre of Yangon. Since that time, through generous donations of land and extra financial assistance, we have been able to take care of many orphans and abandoned children, giving them an opportunity in life.

If you are in a position to help by either sponsoring a child or supporting further education for teenagers graduating from the orphanage
please visit their website here.

"We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose." - Romans 8 v 28 (Good News Bible)
  Thought for this Season from Didier Grandegeorges latest book - Three times blessed
"Love, in its three dimensions, is the lighthouse that guides us to the right port and homeopathy is one of the tools that can help us on this journey. May we make full use of this treasure as Gandhi, who knew its potential, said when he announced that 'Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science."
  Homeopathic Medicine For Everyday Illnesses, Accidents,

Children & Babies

Detox your Medicine Cabinet! An overview of the history of Homeopathy & common Homeopathic Medicines

Thursday 10th December 2016, Saturday 20th February & Thursday 3rd March 2016
Day Course - 9.30 - 3.30 pm.
Fee $85 inc. hand-outs
Venue - Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre
151 Boundary Road, Bardon

Presented by Jane Lindsay MAHA AROH

Call 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place with $25 deposit
Homeopathic first Aid kits available for sale on the day together with books, essences & remedies.

Do check out our AHA QLD website for more info on Homeopathy in Queensland, here.
Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,

Disclaimer: The information we provide and comments we make are from the homeopathic perspective. They are not necessarily endorsed by sectors of some governments, medico-pharmaceutical groups, "skeptic" organisations or those unfamiliar with homeopathy. Comments, references or links posted by others on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Aude Sapere and so should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by Aude Sapere. Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems


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