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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

March 2015 Newsletter  |  Health for all the Family - Naturally
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Few people can have missed the recent press release from the NHMRC and it's disappointing findings on Homeopathic Medicine - Despite AHA (Australian Homeopathic Association) submitting considerable research, "Evidence based" RCT's from Europe together with details of the House of Commons Science and Technology UK findings in Homeopathy's favour, here in Australia there appears to be a blind refusal to consider the world's 2nd most widely used medicine as a possible route to health and well-being.

Read more on NHRMC unjust findings below from both my Homeopathic colleague Fran Sheffield and the CMA - Articles 4 and 5 as well as Martin Oliver's report "Homeopathy Under threat" article 6 and Steve Scruttons recent research form UK in article 3. This is a long-term observational study during which a total of 3,709 patients were studied including their perceived change in both complaint severity, and quality of life. The conclusion was simple, concise and extremely clear.

"Patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably" and "these effects persist for as long as 8 years". Article 8 below

I'll leave you with the words of one most inspirational leaders and informed user of Homeopathy:
"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical."  - Mahatma Gandhi

Take action! - A final quote, also from Gandhi - "Be the change you want to see!"

So what can you do to support Homeopathy?


Email Jane and place "Minor Ailments" in Subject bar.

We Celebrate Hahnemann's Birthday on April 10th and this year's World Homeopathy Awareness Weeks Celebrations will include an insert in "Wellbeing Magazine" on Homeopathy for Minor Ailments - Look for our Homeopathic Banner in Fortitude Valley and do share your experience of Homeopathy with others.

  Mother Teresa, the poor in India, and Homeopathy - ARH UK blogspot
Homeopathy is practiced in India by more trained health professionals than in any other country in the world, and it is estimated that there are currently 300,000 homeopaths and more than 300 homeopathic hospitals in the sub-continent.

The Indian homeopathy market, often regarded amongst the poorer members of society as the primary method of treatment, was expected to outpace the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the country by the end of 2010 - although these figures have not yet been confirmed. The homeopathic industry, according to reports, is growing at a rate of 25%-30% while the pharmaceutical industry is increasing by 13%-15%.
It is, therefore, of little surprise that Mother Teresa studied homeopathy with Dr Jai Chand, a highly respected Indian homeopath, with the aim of helping the poorer members of society. During her lifetime, her mission opened four charitable dispensaries, the first of which was in 1950. She, personally, would not treat individuals with chronic or potentially fatal illnesses but she assisted those practitioners who did and often prescribed homeopathic medicine for first aid situations.

She believed, according to those who worked alongside her, that homeopathic treatment is indispensable for the poor and distressed people of India due to its "easy approach, effectiveness and low cost" (Gomes, 1988). Given that 41.6% of the total Indian population falls below the international poverty line and the nation is estimated to inhabit a third of the world's poor, it would appear to be essential that homeopathic medical colleges are given the resources to flourish.

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  150 Facts about Homeopathy - Celebrating 150 years with Nelsons Pharmacy UK!

To celebrate Nelson's 150th birthday, a list of 150 interesting facts you may not know about homeopathy!


  1. Homeopathy has been used in the UK for over two hundred years.

  2. Hippocrates, acclaimed as the father of modern medicine and honoured by doctors in the 'Hippocratic Oath', was the first to suggest that a person's own healing ability was vital in choosing the right cure for an ailment.

  3. The founder of modern homeopathy was the 18th century German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

  4. Hahnemann was a child prodigy: he was teaching Greek by the age of 12, and had mastered eight languages by the time he started to study medicine at the age of 20.

  5. Hahnemann was so appalled by the practices of his day that he set out to find a healing approach that was safe, gentle and effective.

  6. Hahnemann believed that rather than trying to suppress symptoms, the body should be stimulated to encourage its natural healing process.

  7. The word 'Homeopathy' is from the Greek homœo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering).

  8. Homeopathy was originally spelt Homœopathy.

  9. In the 1800's practitioners and supporters of homeopathy were called 'homœopathists'.

Click here for more interesting facts.

  Use Homeopathy and stay healthy for a long time! - Steve Scrutton UK
People who use Homeopathy to keep themselves healthy, and help them recover from illness, stay healthy over the long-term. This has been the experience of many people who rely on this highly effective, and completely safe, medical therapy for over 200 years.

Now, what so many of us have believed and experienced for so long, to our benefit, has been reinforced by academic research. And Homeopathy has been found to have a long-lasting benefit.

The question the researchers asked was "How healthy are chronically ill patients after 8 years of homeopathic treatment?" and they set up a long-term observational study to discover the answer. A total of 3,709 patients were studied, and their perceived change in both complaint severity, and quality of life was analysed. The conclusion was simple, concise and extremely clear.

"Patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably" and "these effects persist for as long as 8 years".

To read more about this research, see these articles by Claudia M Witt, Rainer Lüdtke, Nils Mengler, and Stefan N Willich:

"How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment? - Results from a long term observational study."
Click here for article

"Homeopathic medical practice: Long-term results of a cohort study with 3981 patients."
Click here for article

So if you suffer from an illness, especially if it is a long-term illness, and despite ongoing conventional medical treatment; or if you just want to stay healthy, you no longer have to believe the 'there is no evidence' school of thought, so loved by our mainstream media!

There is plenty of evidence that Homeopathy works, safely and effectively.

And the main evidence comes from people who use it!

Read more here.

  NHMRC Fail with Homeopathy Report
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has released its long awaited Report on Homeopathy. The NHMRC media release statement can be read here.

As expected, the final report is as flawed as the earlier draft report from 2014. The main areas of concern are laid bare in an open letter from the Australian Homeopathic Association to the NHMRC, media and politicians. It discusses:
  • NHMRC's blatant bias in relation to homoeopathy (they seem to no longer be concerned about appearing ethical and credible)

  • NHMRC declaring its outcomes before the review was even started

  • The rejection and hence absence of homeopathic experts on the Committee

  • Findings of the research contractor(s) rejected and then replaced by those of a new research team. Why?

  • Enough flawed methodology to make any scientist blush

  • Deliberate exclusion of important data from the Review

  • Inappropriate and prejudicial reports by the NHMRC about the review

  • Concerns about the review process by expert reviewers appointed by the NHMRC were ignored

  • Early release of the Draft Review to the anti-homeopathy group, Friends of Science in Medicine, (who seem to only want "science" that is medico-pharma driven)

  • Denial and ignorance of the committee about the patient safety and community benefits of homoeopathy

We less disappointed by this Report than as with the apparent corruption of an agency by vested interests. Homeopaths do not lose with this Report, the Australian public does.

Click here to read AHA open letter response.

  Shameful Report: Homeopathy and Freedom of Information

The Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) has released its own response to the shameful Report on Homeopathy by the NHMRC. It looks as though an inquiry into this government agency is necessary. The CMA says:

"We are very disappointed with the position taken by the NHMRC, especially when a number of independent experts in the sector have expressed strong concerns with the methodology of the review, according to information obtained from NHMRC under Freedom of Information laws."

The NHMRC Review on Homeopathy had Five Fundamental Flaws:

  1. Shoddy Methodology: NHMRC provides no adequate explanation of why randomised controlled trials (RTC) were excluded from the Review. The NHMRC decision not to adhere to a search of all Level 1 evidence, as per International standards, should certainly be justified.

  2. Selective Research: The choice of databases searched was not broad enough to capture the balance of complementary medicine specific content, and excluded non-English studies.

  3. Lack of Expertise: NHMRC did not appoint a homeopathic expert to the Review Panel.

  4. Flawed evidence: NHMRC did not provide an adequate explanation of why only systematic reviews were used where systematic reviews have inherent weakness as a
    reliable source of evidence.

  5. Ignoring Opinion of Experts: Two out of three Experts who NHMRC consulted prior to publication expressed numerous concerns over the methodology and selective use of the data and recommended the NHMRC could not come to the very definitive conclusion thatit came to. The NHMRC then chose to ignore these expert opinions.

Click here for CMA response to NHMRC Statement on Homeopathy.

  Homeopathy - A therapy under threat
By Martin Oliver

Homeopathy is an energy medicine that sees disease as a disturbance in the body's life force, and aids it in the task of healing and rebalancing. Unfortunately its efficacy is often ignored by allopathic medicine, presumably because of a lack of understanding of how it works.
In Australia, increasing numbers of people are choosing to visit a naturopath rather than a doctor, and this trend is certainly true for homeopathy, the world's fastest-growing health modality, and the second most commonly-used form of medicine after traditional herbal medicine. In one part he writes, "Two figures approach in a dark alley, and money is handed over in exchange for a brown paper bag containing a bottle of Arnica 30C and a stash of Nux Vomica. At some point could homeopaths become like the secret female reading circles in Afghanistan or the Christian services in Moscow flats, that were kept secret for fear of falling foul of Communism or the Taliban's religious police?" Melodramatic for sure, but could it happen?

Read his article in full to understand why the question was asked.
Click here to read more.
  Hugs Help Protect Against Stress and Infection, Say Carnegie Mellon Researchers
By Shilo Rea

PITTSBURGH - Instead of an apple, could a hug-a-day keep the doctor away? According to new research from Carnegie Mellon University, that may not be that far-fetched of an idea.

Led by Sheldon Cohen, the Robert E. Doherty University Professor of Psychology in CMU's Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the researchers tested whether hugs act as a form of social support, protecting stressed people from getting sick. Published in Psychological Science, they found that greater social support and more frequent hugs protected people from the increased susceptibility to infection associated with being stressed and resulted in less severe illness symptoms.

Click here to read more.
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Disclaimer: The information we provide and comments we make are from the homeopathic perspective. They are not necessarily endorsed by sectors of some governments, medico-pharmaceutical groups, "skeptic" organisations or those unfamiliar with homeopathy. Comments, references or links posted by others on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Aude Sapere and so should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by Aude Sapere. Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems


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