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Kerri's "Top tips to get organised this Christmas"

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Are you stressing out about Christmas? Do you have 1001 things to buy, cook, clean, organise before the big day? I gave a talk last week to a networking group here in Brisbane on "How to get balanced and organised for Christmas" and thought I would share my top tips with all my readers.

On a more serious note I am also speaking this week to a group of psychologists on how to help hoarders. If you have any questions or concerns about a family member or friend who you feel may be affected by hoarding, please drop me a line.

Here's to harmony in your home this Christmas!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

Five Fabulous Tips To Get Organised This Christmas

1. Lower your standards

Make peace with imperfection. You are not Martha Stewart in the kitchen or Clark W Griswold from the movie "Christmas Vacation" when it comes to putting up the Christmas lights.

Give yourself permission to buy a Christmas cake rather than making one. Trying to do every task perfectly is the easiest way to get bogged down and super stressed.

Read all five fabulous tips to get organised this Christmas here

A Simple Idea To Cut Christmas Clutter

For each gift received, toss two that are similar. For example, for every new Christmas DVD you add to the shelves, remove two older titles. Did Nana give the kids new pyjamas? Find two outgrown sets to add to the donation bag. If craft supplies made it into your stocking, be sure to remove double their number from your stash before adding them to the craft closet. Whether you recycle, donate or sell, each gift will reduce clutter in your home and the excitement of new possessions helps cut the ties to old, outworn items.

Get One, Toss Two. A short, sweet and painless way to declutter for the New Year!

The Ultimate Gift This Christmas - Buy A Present For The Moon Bears!

Do you want to make a difference this Christmas?

Instead of buying friends and family gifts they don't need, why not give the gift of a new life for the rescued Moon Bears in China! All donations go to Animals Asia to buy the rescued bears furniture, toys/learning aids, surgical procedures (repairing their gall bladders where the bile was extracted), food and of course honey - Yum!

Make a donation safely online here
or make a direct deposit to the China Moon Bear Rescue bank account: Account name - China Moon Bear Rescue, BSB - 803205, Account No - 20328835. All donations are fully tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Rethink Your Rubbish And Recycle


After Christmas we always end up with lots of waste - whether it is old toys that have been replaced by new ones, or old computers and TVs.

Here are some options that your local council may be able to help with:

Free general waste vouchers: Does your local council offer waste vouchers with your rates notices? These can be used to cover the cost of dumping your waste at a transfer station (formally known as "the tip").

Tip shops: Many tips also have tip shops where you can purchase recycled and second-hand household bargains salvaged at transfer stations.

Electronic waste recycling: E-waste, including computer waste, television and mobile phones can be disposed of at transfer stations. These items have been collected and distributed for reuse and recycling over recent years.

Ask your council for more details on all these options (a great incentive for them to start if they don't!)

Fabulous Feng Shui - Your Artwork Can Change Your Life

It is amazing the number of times I see a picture on a client's wall that they don't like but they keep as it is valuable, famous (think of The Scream) or it was given as a gift. When choosing artwork, think about how it makes you feel - does it bring you down, or make you smile?

Depending on where it is hung in the home, it may be also affecting your Feng Shui! In the wealth areas of the home, water and aquatic scenes can stimulate finances (but not in the bedroom!) whereas a sunset or sunrise will work in the south area of your home (to stimulate your fame and reputation). Pictures of pairs or happy couples work well in the south west (for relationships).

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Only $5.95

"The Essential Guide to Declutter and Organise Your Home" is a fantastic eBook where we get to the roots of your clutter. Plus you get Kerri's 13 top tips to make decluttering easy.

Click here to read the first two chapters complimentary or get your instant download of the eBook for only $5.95 and be on your way to organised bliss today.

100% of all eBook sales are going direct to the China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge!

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