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Kerri's "5 fab reasons to start 2012 clutter free" PLUS "7 steps to declutter your New Year"

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Wow what a start to the New Year! This is a very busy time for professional organisers as it seems to be a big New Years resolution for many people - get rid of the clutter once and for all! This issue is full of helpful tips and ideas to help you do just that - not only for the New Year, but also for the Chinese New Year that starts on January 23. A clean clutter free home is very important for the Year of the Dragon.

The Moon Bears are also celebrating (well they are Chinese Moon Bears after all!) with a Chinese High Tea and Yum Cha fundraiser in both Brisbane and Sydney in February. See details below - we would love you to come and join us for a decadent afternoon filled with good food and new friends.

Here's to Domestic Bliss in your home for 2012!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

Five Fab Reasons To Start The Year Clutter Free
  1. Life feels better when you live in uncluttered space.

  2. Having fewer possessions means easier cleaning and less maintenance, which means more free time.

  3. If you sell your possessions, you can make some extra money.

  4. If you donate or give away your possessions, you give them life with someone who needs them.

  5. You create space to breathe, to create, to contemplate, to read, to relax.

7 Steps To Declutter For The New Year

  1. When organising, it's best to declutter first. Pull everything out of a space and sort it into piles: keep, purge and other.

  • "Keep" obviously means that you plan to continue to store and/or use the item.

  • "Purge" can mean that you intend to throw, shred, recycle, or donate the item to charity.

  • "Other" is for objects that need to be repaired, relocated, returned to a friend or family member, or some other special action needs to be taken.

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10 Days To A New Year's Transformation


DAY 1 Purse: go through your purse and clean it out. File all old receipts, dispose of all expired / unused cards. Does your purse reflect who you are now...perhaps it's time to consider a new purse which is functional and fabulous! Your attitude toward money and abundance is reflected in your choice of purse.

DAY 2 Wardrobe: it's time to go through your clothing and let go of all that does not represent who you are today. Items which have painful memories or associations must go. Give them away, donate them, or sell them. Items which no longer fit must go. Letting go of the old allows new energy to enter your life. It is now time to create a new image of who you are today.

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Prepare Your Home For The New Year With Feng Shui

If you missed the January 1st deadline, don't worry: the Chinese New Year isn't until the 23rd of January so you've still got time! To greet the New Year, set aside a couple of hours to give your house a New Year Blitz with our suggestions below.

  1. De-clutter: Grab a box, set a timer for five minutes and take it with you from room to room. Throw out old newspapers, magazines, empty bottles of shampoo, old clothes you know you'll never wear again.

  2. Vacuum: Get the old energy out by making the floors clean.

  3. Do the laundry: Don't have dirty clothes hanging around; throw on a load or two while you declutter but be sure to fold and put the clean clothes away.

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Moon Cakes and Moon Bears

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and to raise funds for the China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge, join us for Moon Cakes & Moon Bears - a decadent afternoon of Chinese delicacies in Sydney Sunday February 5 and Brisbane Saturday February 11. Friends and family are most welcome! Click here for more information and to book tickets for the Brisbane event.

For the Sydney event please email me at for an invitation. We would love to see you there!

The China Moon Bear Challenge aims to raise $10,000 for Animals Asia to continue their rescue and rehabilitation of Moon Bears from the extremely cruel practice of bear bile farming in China. If you are unable to make the event but still wish to make a difference you can
visit our online donation page here.

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