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Top Tips for Designer Decorating

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It's been a big month for both myself and Domestic Downsizing - not only have I trekked 55km of the Great Wall of China as a personal challenge, but we also raised over $13,000 for Animals Asia to help save the Moon Bears from bile farming. It was an absolutely amazing experience and you can view all my pictures here.

Now back to the real world, I have been asked to be a speaker at the Association of Feng Shui Consultants Annual Conference on the Gold Coast from 11-12 August 2012 . My topic: "How Clutter Affects Your Life". I shall be outlining the different ways that clutter can affect your relationships, career, finances, health and why clearing clutter is essential for effective Feng Shui. Like to join me? Click here
. Next stop: The New York Marathon in 2013!

Here's to harmony in your home...
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

5 Top Tips For Designer Decorating

Decorating and styling a lounge room shouldn't be rocket science
  1. If space is tight, purchase furniture that has two uses such as a sofa bed or a lounge/ottoman with storage

  2. Always purchase the biggest pieces for your room first (such lounge or large entertainment units) and build your design style around them

  3. Invest in the best quality lounge you can afford, but make it conservative (it's much cheaper to change a look with cushions, artwork, rugs and accessories)

  4. Don't be afraid to mix things up to create your own personal style - its called being eclectic! (Your lounge room is supposed to be a place to relax - not a show room)

  5. Collect images from magazines and websites of items and styles that you love and take them shopping with you (and don't forget to take the room measurements!)

The Eight Essential Feng Shui Adjustments

Like some quick fix solution to get the Chi flowing in your home?

  1. Mirrors - often called the "aspirin of Feng Shui" mirrors bring light into a space, reflect the beauty around you and create dimension.

  2. Lights - from candles to chandeliers, lights attract attention and life, creating an attractive place for Chi energy to circulate.

  3. Crystals - crystals contain a power within them that cannot be duplicated with any other object. Hang a clear faceted crystal in your window to attract the sparkle of the sun and its full colour spectrum into your space.

  4. Sound Makers - noise makers such as wind chimes are a classic Feng Shui adjustment that stir up energy in areas that would otherwise feel lifeless. Hung indoors they lift the Chi of your space, while outdoors they attract Chi to your door.

  5. Objects with Movement - sometimes Sound-Makers are unwelcome so if you'd like to generate a sense of movement without sound, colourful flags and "wind-dancers" are excellent Feng Shui substitutes.

  6. Living Things - from live plants to well-loved pets, living things require your attention, which is a natural source of positive energy. If you can't have living things in your space representations of living things will do, such as high-quality artificial plants and pictures of animals. Be sure to keep these items clean and fresh-looking!

  7. Water Features - as one of Feng Shui's five elements, water is a great way to generate a sense of movement and flow. Place a water feature near your front door, inside or out; attract nourishing Chi by placing your fountain so the water flows towards your home, rather than away from it.

  8. Artwork - look around your home right now to make sure the art you're living with makes you feel great every time you see it. It's always better to have no art at all than art that depresses your spirits.

Organising App For The Month: Evernote!

Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organised, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. Brilliant!

FREE from iTunes.

Sad But True...

According to a report in the US: Renting a storage facility to store excess belongings contributes to a $154 billion industry (bigger than the Hollywood film business) and 1 in 11 households spend over $1,000 per year renting self-storage space - usually to store junk!

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