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60 seconds to an organised wardrobe

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The cold weather has hit like a slap to the face here in Queensland, so it is time to do the "change-over" - that period when you are living in both summer and winter clothing until the weather settles down. This is a necessity for those of us that have small wardrobes and can't fit all the year's clothing in the one spot. The out-of-season clothes have to be packed away and are usually forgotten about so it's like greeting old friends when you bring them out again. If however it is more like running into a dreaded ex-boss it may be time for a wardrobe clean out and I have just the thing - watch 60 Seconds to an Organised Wardrobe and learn the 3 tricks to easily declutter your clothes and your life!

Here's to harmony in your home...
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

10 Mirror Do's & Don'ts in Feng Shui
Mirrors are a terrific decorating resource and have the potential to inspire more prosperity. They double beautiful views and invite the accompanying chi that goes with them, but using mirrors in Feng Shui is often misunderstood.

The following 10 Do's and Don'ts should help you understand when, where and where not to use them.

How To Find Your Focus At Work

The work day is over and all you've done is answer emails, played phone tag and caught up on gossip. Instead - why don't you play GOLF? Firstly you need to eliminate: email (put on a timer), telephone (schedule call backs), people (close your door/do not disturb sign on chair) and your thoughts (this is a hard one but the most important).

Now secondly you need to play G.O.L.F:

G - Goal of Accomplishment;
O - Optimal Environment;
L - Limit Distractions;
F - Fixed Time Frame

Watch the 50 Minute Focus Finder video to learn more.

Organising App For The Month: Bug Me

This app turns your phone into a virtual Post-It note.

You can use your finger to scribble a quick note across the screen and notes are kept on an animated corkboard so you can see all your to-dos in a single spot - you can even email them to a friend!

Cost - $2 from iTunes.

Sad But True...

According to a US survey, 57% of people have judged a co-worker based on the state of their workspace. A clean desk sends the message that you are organised and on the ball, while a cluttered one implies that you are not focussed and your life is in a bit of a mess.

We Did It - For The Bears!

As of May 1st Kerri's China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge has raised over $12,000 for Animals Asia and I head off to China May 13th - 30th! I would like to thank all my generous readers who have donated money or supported an event to help rescue and rehabilitate the Asiatic Black Bears (aka Moon Bears) from the extremely cruel practice of bear bile farming in China.

You can still make an online donation as every bit counts.

Learn How To Be A Media Master

Domestic Downsizing and Kerri's China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge have received quite a bit of media coverage and it's not hard to do - it all comes down to having a good story and perseverance! Would you like to know how I do it? Go to: Your Media Mastery. You can even buy a workbook showing you how to do it for just $147 here.

What am I doing with the fridge?
Take a look at my TV interview on the Today Show.

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100% of all eBook sales are going direct to the China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge!

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