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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

February 2014 Newsletter  |  Nurture the Soul
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In this issue...  
  Silver Ghost - Bulbophyllumpecten-veneris
  Eye of the Tiger - Scaphosepalumanchoriferum
  Fruits of Courage
  Soul Dancer - Portillia Popowiana
  Immediate Relief

Thank you to all of you who attended Woodford Folk festival Presentations at The Blue Lotus. If you missed the presentations or would like a copy of the power point presentation please email me and add the Presentation name in the subject line
  • Homeopathy to the Rescue
  • Sailing through the menopause with Homeopathy or
  • Healing Orchids Australia



Happy Chinese New Year!
The Year of the horse. January 31st 2014 marks the year of the Wood Horse. This will be a year of great energy and power for those who can grab hold and hang on! Revelation and Revitalise are 2 of our essences which will help you manifest and sustain energy this year. Click here for essence range.

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New Orchid Essence Cards
Our new, larger deck of 135 Orchid Healing Cards have made a great impact both at Woodford and amongst practitioners who all love the new larger cards. The cards measure 3.5" x 5" or 89mm x 127mm and are presented in a lovely printed rigid cardboard box. The cards are be twice the size of our previous orchid photo cards, and retail for $55 plus GST post and handling. Here below you can see samples of the new card designs. Click here to purchase



  Silver Ghost - Bulbophyllumpecten-veneris

Very effective at removing psychic 'hooks' from people attempting to manipulate you energetically. It has an exceptional yin quality, like shimmering water turning inward in small waves, surrounding the aura so no external energies can adhere.

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  Eye of the Tiger - Scaphosepalumanchoriferum

Strongly energising and yang, this essence is likely to be experienced in one of two ways. It will either bring strength and almost fierce focus to the solar plexus and heart chakras, as well as the ajana centre; or will be experienced as bringing joy and optimism. In either case it brings a strength of heart and a renewal of purpose to one's day.
Eye of the Tiger motivates one to confront hidden issues of the central body chakras, as well as confronting the same challenges externally. Its action then moves into the higher chakra domain.

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  Fruits of Courage

This combination arose after the death of Nelson Mandela on the Saturday I was testing the new batch of Voice of Courage at the end of the clinic when I saw its true potential when combined with Fruits of Love. What was presented to me was that there were three triangles, which would overlap like three pennants the upper one which could be flipped over and then form a kite shape.


The points of these triangles were:

  • The first triangle: Fruits of Love receptor and Voice of courage receptor with the third point at the stellate ganglion just over the 3rd Chakra.

  • The second triangle: Fruits of Love receptor and voice of courage with the third point the LUK receptor (over the pubic bone),

  • The third triangle: in its vertical incarnation was with the 6th Chakra and if inverted with the point just below the higher heart receptor.


This has a profound effect on the 2nd Chakra and draws the energy upward to the main receptor point allowing us to have the courage to face the struggle on the divine pathway to enlightenment. Don was the first to experience the essence and this is what he had to say: Well one thing I can say, this is not a great essence to take in the evening, if you want a good night's sleep! But I have been wakened by images and dreams relating to the essence, and I thought I should write them now.

What is fascinating is that we can convey this essence to many people with one word: Mandela. Somehow, this combination feels like it aligns with the character of that man, in the realising of one's potential. Even the name of the essence suddenly makes more sense when I think of that man and his life.

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Fruits of Love - Further information from proving in 2012
ts of Love was derived from Dendrobiumalexandrae a very powerful and attractive orchid. This orchid has an unusual characteristic when the bud is developing. The buds seem to become fully grown, but then remain closed for several weeks, before finally opening. The blooms open facing the earth, offering a gentle and exquisite fragrance. Dendrobiumalexandrae grows in the highest branches in lowland forest in Papua New Guinea, often exposed to much more sunlight than most orchids would tolerate. This essence has strong affinity to the pelvis and is of significant benefit in conception and in new growth. It combines well with Love's Secret and Wisdom of Compassion.

  Soul Dancer

This New essence which arose from Portillia Popowiana, a beautiful orchid, has many hidden characteristics it appears as a diver leaping into space with all of the universe ahead of, (like the jump made from space) it also appears as a dancer in a clowns uniform.

It's action centres on the throat and emotions also into the higher heart structure. It asks one to take a leap of faith and trust in the power of the divine to guide one through life's celestial journey.


This orchid has an insistent voice, if you think of that observation platform in Glass at the edge of a cliff; this is about surrendering to the fear and then overcoming it, to view instead the many facets of dance as seen by everyone who goes to Ballet or Circ du Solaire from the rhythm of emotional gymnastics to the confidence gained by participating, to being in the present and enjoying life, to the full, to enjoy the full feeling of love.

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This essence was created from an amethyst pyramid as its qualities were needed to enhance the activity of the new generation of Vital Core, which was done by our new immersion process. It is a much more powerful version of the essence but had the unfortunate side effect of activating its shadow side as well. The basic qualities of this essence are:

Most of the following text is in relation to its homoeopathic effects however this applies in general to the essence as well:


Amethyst affects the nervous and endocrine systems; useful in states of nervous tension where the five senses (especially hearing) are overtaxed; helpful when the hormonal system is affected by excessive adrenalin, creating mood swings and nervous excitation followed by exhaustion. Profoundly affects sleep patterns; can soothe troubled sleep or encourage somnolence in the insomniac. For easing mental disorders where there is too much excitement of the senses. Nervous tension with an inability to relax. For damaged nerves in the spinal column especially where the nerve pathways are interrupted causing difficulties in relaying sensations or when nerve pains become all-consuming causing the patient to be unable to function normally. Internal trembling.

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  Immediate Relief

This exciting new combination was created in dialogue between Don Dennis and Adrian Brita Babapaulle and is a high level "emergency" essence.

The new combination essence include Night Soul, Blue Angel, Fruits of Love, Centre Renewal, White Beauty, Voice of Courage and Silver Ghost. The feedback from our other international practitioners has been tremendous. For use in any emergency situation it will bring immediate relief, comfort and relieve deep seated fear and anxiety.

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  "Homeopathy For The Home" Workshops


Saturday 22nd March 2014
from 9:30am - 3:30pm

Please contact reception on 07 3368 1300 for more information or
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Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,
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