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Health for all the Family - Naturally! Read online here
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Health for all the Family - Naturally!


On Thursday 6th April the Film Premiere of "Just One Drop" was shown to an excited & appreciative audience attending at The Curzon in London. This independently made documentary about Homeopathy is now being viewed widely across the UK. We're looking forward to Australia's screenings in September.
More information to follow/register your interest with Just One Drop via their website

The photo opposite shows Laurel Chiten Film Maker, with AHA Gerry Dendrinos & Rachel Roberts CEO of HRI (See her video below). Dr Peter Fischer physician to the Queen was also in attendance. On completion of the film, Ms Chiten said: "I really believe that homeopathy has been maligned and suppressed for 200 years. All I am trying to do with Just One Drop is give homeopathy a voice, a voice that continues to be misinterpreted and misrepresented."
Speaking of the Royal Family, the recent publication of Prince Harry's interview with the Daily Telegraph (UK), has brought to the public arena globally, the increasing number of young people suffering with anxiety & depression. Prince Harry spoke of how he suffered in silence for two decades after the loss of his mother throughout his teens & early 20's giving an unprecedented insight into his past in the hope it will encourage people to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Here in Australia, Australia's Mission Report in April also highlighted on how 1 in 4 teenagers in Australia suffer with Stress, Depression & Anxiety, mental health & well-being is an area Homeopathy has a long history of support (see articles 2 & 4 below).

As the weather changes and cooler mornings & evenings bring potential for coughs & colds we've included a summer of cough & cold remedies produce by Helios in London to help keep colds at bay and treat those irritating coughs. Autumn/Winter is a great time to visit your Homeopath for immune support and to review your health & well-being as the seasons change.

I shall be away in Europe for June & early July and excited to be attending the HRI (Homeopathic Research Institute) Conference in Malta in Early June. HRI brings together research on Homeopathy & provides an opportunity to hear speakers from across the globe presenting various a wide range of cutting edge research on Homeopathic Medicine. I'll then be travelling through Europe for various Homeopathic studies culminating in a Herbal Excursion through the Emerald Isle where I also have family. I'll be back mid July & look forward to sharing my observations, insights, information then.

Whilst away by Locums are:
a) Susan Blackshaw - Jane's absence Sue may be contacted for advice & urgent appointments
T: 07 3876 2100
M: 0418 716027

b) Sandra Venables
T: 07 5545 0939
M: 0402 423 127

c) Sharon Jones
M: 0409 371 354
T: 07 3378 2672

Alternatively please call Bardon clinic on 07 3368 1300 to book an appointment on Jane's return

In the meanwhile there are a few appointments remaining at Bardon & at Wooloowin, before I depart. Visit & on top header bar, right hand side
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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases...

The common cold is caused by a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms typically appear one to two days after infection and last around a week, varying in type and severity but generally including sneezing, sore throat, runny or blocked nose, cough, headache and sometimes, especially in children, fever. The symptoms will generally resolve themselves and it is usually possible to continue with one's daily business, especially with the help of allopathic or complementary therapies.
Influenza is also a viral infection and, although a vaccine has become available in recent years, the large number of different strains means that flu is still widespread. It is characterised by sudden onset with fever, extreme fatigue, muscle soreness as well as some or all of the symptoms of a cold. These symptoms can last up to two weeks and usually require the patient to rest completely for several days.

Colds and flu spread more easily in the winter months due to the cold weather - we tend to spend less time outdoors and turn the heating up indoors. This, together with close contact with others in the home, at school, at work or on public transport creates a perfect environment for the spread of a virus. So we must concentrate on alleviating the symptoms and strengthening the body's natural defences.

Read here "Winter Alert" from Helios Pharmacy on useful Homeopathic Remedies support coughs & colds.

Homeopathy & Mental Health Care
"I can confidently assert, from great experience, that the vast superiority of the homoeopathic system over all other conceivable methods of the treatment is nowhere displayed in a more triumphant light than in mental and emotional diseases of long standing" (Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine, 230)

Historically homeopathy has been used in the treatment of psychiatric conditions since its inception in the eighteenth century, and over 200 years of homeopathic literature suggests that patients with a broad spectrum of mental health concerns seek homeopathic treatment.

Many prominent homeopaths beginning with the founder Samuel Hahnemann to more current day practitioners (Bailey 2010; Reichenberg-Ullman & Ullman, 2002; Saine, 1999; Shalts, 2010; van der Zee, 2010; Whitmont, 1980) have written extensively about the treatment of people with mental health conditions.

Some general remedies for Emotional Issues can be found here.

Request our brochure on Homeopathy for Stress, Anxiety & Depression by emailing me

The Australian Report
The Australian Report an in-depth analysis of what went wrong with the NHMRC Report into Homeopathy - Published on Apr 6, 2017.

Hear and see Ms Rachel Roberts, CEO Homeopathy Research Institute presents key facts from HRI's in-depth scientific analysis of NHMRC's Homeopathy Review, demonstrating that the public were misled by serious misreporting of the evidence.

Watch here.

For more detail visit

Mental Health Australia - Highlights from the 2016 Youth Survey
In 2016, young people identified alcohol and drugs and equity and discrimination as the most important issues in Australia today. Tellingly, mental health entered the top three for the first time in the survey's 15-year history, with concerns about mental health doubling since 2011. Young people continue to nominate coping with stress, school or study problems and body image as their top three issues of personal concern. Mental health issues were also increasingly identified as personal concerns for young people.

Discrimination also stood out as a growing area of concern that needs to be combated through political leadership, education, media interventions and programs at organisational and community levels:
  • 1 in 4 young people experienced unfair treatment or discrimination in the past year

  • Of the 3 in 10 young females who reported experiencing discrimination, half reported gender discrimination

  • Of the 2 in 5 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who reported experiencing discrimination, more than half reported discrimination on the basis of race or cultural background
    Read more here.

Homeopathic Medicine may provide significant support in times of stress, anxiety & depression throughout life & during teenage years. This link provides an overview of what to expect when seeing a Homeopath & how we approach supporting teenagers with stress & anxiety, click here

This link gives some general information on a few Homeopathic remedies for anxiety & depression, click here.

The HRI conference is held every two years & is the highlight of the homeopathy research calendar, providing a unique forum for the sharing of ideas and the creation of international scientific collaborations.
HRI's Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy - demonstrates our commitment to showcase the very best new work from around the world, regardless of subfield or topic. This approach allows us to create a diverse programme, including topics such as:
  • Clinical research (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods)

  • Disease prevention

  • Fundamental research

  • Laboratory-based research

  • Pathogenetic trials

  • Veterinary research

Upcoming Workshops

Homeopathy for the Home - First Aid For The Family & Detox Your Medicine Cabinet!
If you'd like to learn more about Homeopathy why not attend one of our Homeopathy for the Home workshops. Here's what recent attendees have said:

"The content of the course was fantastic, super information - also the way in which Jane presents the information, with great passion & knowledge, was amazing. Thank you! I have a new love of Homeopathy"

"R had forwarded me an email asking if I would be interesting in attending today and I quickly replied yes, not really having any expectations but always keen to add to my knowledge in the holistic health arena. Today was much more than I expected and your passion and incredible knowledge of homeopathy really came through strongly".

Forthcoming Dates: Wednesday 16th August & separate day workshop on Wednesday 20th September

Venue: Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre 151 Boundary Road Bardon 4065

Time: 9.45am - 2.30pm

Fee: $85 to include workbook, mini Materia Medica/ remedy information & handouts

Books & Homeopathic Kits available to purchase on the day

Tel: 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place with $20 deposit

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