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Kerri's China Moon Bear Mission and Conquering Children's Clothing

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Domestic Downsizing's mission is to create homes that people love coming home to every single day. But what happens when our clients aren't 'human'? We simply extend our services! That's right, we have moved into the service of creating homes for bears! Well, in fact we have been doing this from day one by donating 5% of our monthly sales to Animals Asia but now we have gone a step further - we have taken up the China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge 2012 and we need your help!

We are raising $10K in under 10 months to be used for the medical attention and rehousing of the rescued Moon Bears and I will be visiting the Moon Bear sanctuary in China in May 2012. To take a look at where I will be visiting, watch this Moon Bear video.

I am so thrilled that I will be making such a difference in addition to seeing where my dollars go and meting the bears in person. Won't you help me? Please click here for more moon bear information and donations.

We greatly appreciate your help!

PS. The bears even have their own Facebook page - have a "look and like" here.

Here's to harmony in your home!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant

Reader Challenge: Conquering Children's Clothing

Q. How do I get on top of my children's clothing? I am always overwhelmed with laundry and have very little closet space in their rooms. I have two daughters who wear the same size. I don't know what do - please help! Belinda from Brisbane

A. This is such a common complaint amongst all my clients Belinda.

Here are the 6 steps that I would recommend you do.

Clutter Does Cost You!

A US report states that 23% of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.

Fabulous Feng Shui Quote

The things surrounding you in your home serve as subliminal reminders of who you are. They will continue to direct you towards old patterns of behaviour. Denise Linn, Feng Shui for the Soul

I recently attended the Association of Feng Shui Consultants Conference in Sydney which was not only very enlightening, but I was also appointed Secretary of the Association only having just been a member for a couple of months. Yay!

Feng Shui Frustration

Q. What can I do about my kids fighting with each other all the time?

A. If your children have bedrooms opposite each other, try hanging a faceted crystal between the two rooms to press down the negativity. If they share a room, adding a crystal between their two beds can also help. Kids need their own space so if they share a room, try creating their own space by hanging curtains or placing dividers that will make them feel like they have their own mini-room in the room they share. Additionally, place a picture of the happy family together in each child's room or the room they share as this will reinforce your happy family.


Feng Shui is fascinating - like to know more?

Not long now! There is only 8 weeks until we begin the Feng Shui Practitioner Program on the Sunshine Coast Qld from 28 October til 2 November 2011.

It was the best week I have ever spent in a training/educational retreat - enlightening, entertaining, inspiring and rewarding! If you have a passing interest in becoming a Feng Shui consultant or would just like to learn more about this fascinating science, I encourage you to join us! [
Read more]

Ingenious Organising Idea - New Uses For A Lazy Susan...
  1. Pantry or fridge condiment manager: Keep commonly used sauces, seasonings and condiments handy and accessible

  2. Under-the-sink organiser: for all your different cleaners and sponges in those hard to reach areas

  3. Game aid: Set a board game on it so it's easier to see what your Scrabble options are without risking moving the pieces when you shift the board.

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100% of all eBook sales are going direct to the China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge!

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