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60 minutes to making over your wardrobe

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Autumn is here and the winter woollies are due to rear their heads from the storage in your wardrobe.

Will it be like Christmas Day - opening the sealed bags or plastic tubs to welcome old friends that you haven't seen in six months? Or will it be more like Ground Hog Day - discovering you still have the awful mustard coloured jumper from the 60's (but it is sooo comfortable!)

Dare I say it may be time for a wardrobe overhaul? Don't feel overwhelmed... you can declutter your wardrobe in just 60 minutes when you know how. See my article below on making-over your wardrobe - and be on the way to a new you (minus the mustard)!

Here's to harmony in your home!
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist,
Feng Shui Consultant


60 Minutes to Making Over Your Wardrobe


Grab a timer and let's get going!


Label five tubs or bags: Keep, Sell, Donate, Throw, Repair/Tailor. Pull each article out of your wardrobe (including shoes and accessories) and sort into one of these groups.


Throw out all those awful wire or plastic coat hangers and get some new wooden ones (they are bulkier and they "space" clothes to help prevent wrinkling and look good to boot).


Return the Keep pile to the wardrobe and hang any "unsure" items with the coat hanger back to front. If you haven't used the item and turned it around during the season, it's time to let it go.


Group your clothing into how you get dressed: work/casual/going out, by colour, by pants/tops/skirts, whatever system works for you.


To make dressing easier and wardrobes uncluttered, keep your out of season clothes and those you don't wear very often out of the immediate space and store them away with moth balls and dehumidifiers.

Domestic Downsizing work with Image Consultants and Personal Stylists to ensure the clothes in your wardrobe suit your body and your lifestyle. We also have a special offer for all our e-newsletter subscribers: Book in for our two hour "Mini Miracle Wardrobe Make-over" for $175 and get a bonus half hour at no extra cost. Contact us for more details and to make a booking.

10 Top Tips to Downsize Your Home

It is a common occurrence that we accumulate items over the years and the longer you are in one home the worse it is. We have cupboards and drawers full of stuff; furniture we don't really need but keep "just in case"; and items that we've had for years and may be difficult to part with due to a sentimental attachment.

Click here to read my "10 top tips to help downsize your home"

Fabulous Feng Shui

For work:
Need the phone to ring and sales to come in? Keep a bell on your desk and give it a ring!

For the home:
Long hallways act like funnels, speeding up the "chi" entering your home and propelling it straight out the back door, making residents feel they lack energy or that life is passing them by. To slow down chi, add some lamps or a chandelier, hang some framed photos or artwork on the walls, add a long rug, a pot plant, coat hooks or a hall table. Wind chimes can also be effective but only if they twinkle every day.

Stress Less Tips For Travel

Be a proactive packer - keep essential items like your toiletry case, kids' activity bags, international travel size bottles permanently stocked and ready to go. Create a master packing list and keep it amongst these items so you will never hear the words "Oh no, I forgot to pack my toothbrush/cosies/passport!"

Choose smart souvenirs - instead of stuffing your luggage with souvenirs that will clutter up the house and collect dust, shop for quality keepsakes that you can really use, like an attractive scarf, a handmade quilt or beautiful artwork for the wall. For the ultimate cheap, space saving souvenir grab a fridge magnet and make your fridge door a travel journal (but leave those shot glasses at the bar!).

Shop With Domestic Downsizing

Did you know Domestic Downsizing has its own eBay store?

It's called Organize Your Home! We sell items from clients' homes and brand new wholesale items for the home. You never know what you may find. At the moment we have some kitchen appliances perfect for the upcoming winter: slow cookers (or crock pots as we used to call them) and toasters by the fabulous UK company Morphy Richards.

Visit our store and take a look.

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