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Jane Lindsay - Registered Homeopath

June 2016 Newsletter  |  Health for all the Family - Naturally
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As we approach the cooler months remember to increase your Vit C, Echinacea, & see your Homeopath to boost your immunity as Winter coughs, colds & flus appear! The importance of hydration & water intake is also significant in our immunity (see article 1 below for further information).

You're never too old or too young to start using Homeopathy as the photo to the right indicates. Meet K one of our youngest Homeopathic prescribers and recipient of homeopathy!

If you've ever wondered how to prescribe for your family please join us on one of our forthcoming Homeopathy for the Home workshops. Courses are now being held at both Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre and also at West End Natural Therapies. Full details below. This is a fun and informative day designed to give you confidence to prescribe for everyday illnesses at home. Homeopathic Kits & books are available for sale on the day.
Meet K

I am often asked to recommend books & Colin Griffith's "Practical Guide to Homeopathic Prescribing" is one of the most informative & easy to use (See article 2 below for more details). There is also a useful link & PDF to download on "How to Prescribe" from the National Centre for homeopathy in USA.

We would love to hear you & your family's experiences of Homeopathy. We welcome any testimonials which with your permission we would like to be able to share (anonymously), to give those who have not yet experienced the wonder of Homeopathic Medicine, an insight into the potential & possibility of Homeopathy. There will be prizes for the top 3 testimonials! E-mail your testimonial and please like us on Facebook here.

It was wonderful to receive this testimony last week from a Patient L, a 5 year old who felt like "Jellybeans & happiness" after her Homeopathic remedy!

"Just wanted to thank you for seeing us all today unexpectedly, it was very much appreciated. I hope we didn't inconvenience your next patient too much. I saw a marked improvement in Layla's energy and temperament this afternoon after a rest and remedies. She said tonight she feels like "Jellybeans and happiness"

Finally a couple of topics on keeping our children healthy. No surprises here that time exploring outside brings huge health & emotional benefits and avoiding use of mobile technology in under 5's whose brains are especially vulnerable to EMF (See articles 5 & 7 below).

Yours in Health & Homeopathy
  Your Body's Many Cries for Water
As Homeopaths we always ask about the individual thirst & water intake and I frequently refer to Dr Batmanghelidlj's excellent book on hydration and the importance of cellular hydration for healing. This article from Nick Gonzalez MD "Water, Energy & the Perils of Dehydration" expands on why we need to drink more water & links of dehydration to many chronic disease states.
What if water, plain and simple, was the most critically lacking substance for energy and health promotion in the modern lifestyle?

Some years ago, I read the late Dr.Fereydoon Batmanghelidj's marvellous book; Your Body's Many Cries for Water, first published in 1992 and more recently updated in 2008. Here this Iranian-American physician made and makes a strong case that chronic low grade and usually unrecognised dehydration affects most of us in the West, attuned as we are to avoiding water as a beverage and too often choosing dehydrating caffeinated and sweetened drinks that only contribute to the problem. After all, caffeine is a well-known diuretic, as is sugar. We may think when we imbibe sodas, coffee, energy drinks, or for the healthier among us, even herbal teas, that we are in effect ingesting adequate "water". But as Dr.Batmanghelidj points out, such intake only makes dehydration worse, causing a greater water loss overall than we take in.

Read more here
or download PDF here.
  The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy
The How, When, Why & Which of Home Prescribing By Colin Griffiths
Colin Griffith's book provides the information required with authoritative and comprehensive, yet accessible information, explaining how homoeopathic remedies work, which treatments work for which ailments and when professional advice must be sought.

The first part of the Handbook answers the most frequently asked questions on homoeopathic treatment. The second part is made up of 27 sections, each covering a different aspect of health, starting with Accident and Emergency and going on through every aspect of the body and emotions,

Available from Booktopia here.

Also from The Book Depository UK (No postage for O'seas orders) here
  The Doctors' Case for Homeopathy WDDTY
May 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 2)
The UK government is under pressure to ban homeopathic remedies within the National Health Service, but the NHS needs more homeopathy, say Britain's 400 GPs who currently prescribe it. WDDTY's editors investigate.

Ever since the birth of the National Health Service in 1948, homeopathy has been an integral part of the medical care offered by GPs and hospital doctors.
Costing a tiny fraction of the NHS's overall drug bill - 4 million pound out of 113 billion pound last year - homeopathic remedies have offered any NHS doctor who cared to do extra training a clinical alternative to the monoculture of pharmaceutical drugs. Some 400 doctors who took the training now offer homeopathy in addition to standard medical care.

But this option is now under threat, largely as a result of a decade-long propaganda campaign mounted by a small band of British 'sceptics' who have lobbied the UK government to 'blacklist' homeopathic remedies.

Read more here.
  Bumi Sehat - Gratitude update from Robin Lim - Ubud, Bali
Each year I write to all of you who have supported the vision and mission of Bumi Sehat Foundation. Each year it becomes more emotional for me, because you have cared.

You have cared enough about Mothers, Babies & Families, to keep our Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum services alive for decades. You have supported the human right to kind, respectful healthcare, even for those who have no means to access a doctor, midwife or nurse. You have considered the plight of the HIV+ mothers, by supporting our Bumi-Valentino Lab. Due to your concern, all of our mothers-to-be have free confidential testing and counselling. Those who are HIV+ are on anti-retro viral therapy, so their babies need not contract AIDS.
Your belief in education for all youth, has given kids the boost they need, to find success. Our dream is that as each of our Bumi Youth Center kids grows up, they will carry with them the compassion you planted in their hearts, by giving them the opportunity to learn and shine.

Read the full story here.

Robin has also recently published a wonderful book called "Placenta", The forgotten Chakra. If you would like a copy of the book in PDF format please e-mail me & consider making a donation to Bumi Sehat foundation here.
  Why kids who play outside are smarter, more creative and better adapted to the challenges of real life
By L.J. Devon -
Somewhere deep inside every one of us, beating as natural as a heart's pulse, is innocence and goodness. Somewhere deep inside, our inner child desires a sense of freedom, to take up the calling of who we are, to build something of our own, to explore the unknown, to be unique. Somehow along the way we've been instructed to follow along, to get in line, to learn a certain way.

As our childhood innocence and desire for freedom is beaten out of us, we become adults constantly searching for meaning - always drawn back to a box of comfort, of confinement.

Our childhood experiences determine much of our psychology as adults. Allowing our children to play outside freely in an unstructured, natural environment may be one of the best decisions we ever make as parents.

Read more here.
  Getting Started with Homeopathy
Getting Started with Homeopathy - It's easy to get started with homeopathy.

You don't need to be an expert in anatomy, physiology, or pharmacology. You only need to be able to observe you and your family's symptoms and any changes you might see in those symptoms. By using the information on this site you can quickly learn enough about homeopathy to use it at home to care for yourself and your family to address minor illnesses and injuries that don't necessarily need a doctor's care.

However, it takes more knowledge to appropriately treat chronic issues. Please consult a professional trained in homeopathy to address chronic issues.
More advice from the Homeopathy Centre USA on How to use Homeopathy, How much medicine to give & when to consult a professional can be found here.

Or attend one of our 1/2 day "Homeopathy for the Home" workshops, details below.
  Technology Corner
New Research Links Cell Phones to Cancer & Other Issues in Children
There has been plenty of evidence over the years suggesting a possible link between cell phone use and cancer and now researchers in Baltimore say the evidence is very clear and that children are even more at risk. Experts are saying parents and expecting mothers need to be extra careful and the Environmental Health Trust is calling on cell phone manufacturers and wireless providers to help fund research on how to treat and prevent exposure to radiation.

CBS Baltimore reports:

The studies link cell phones to a slew of health issues in children. That's why experts say parents and expecting mothers need to be extra careful. Cell phones are a part of our everyday lives and a cause for concern for researchers who see them as a health risk - especially for infants and children.

"The weight of the evidence is clear: cell phones do cause brain cancer," said Dr. Devras Davis, president, Environmental Health Trust. Dr. Davis says the young brain absorbs twice as much radiation as an adult.

Doctors and scientists from across the country took on the issue during a pediatric conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. Panelists also found a connection between exposure to cell phone radiation and other health issues. "There's a correlation between cell phone use in pregnancy and behavioral problems in their children," said Dr. Hugh Taylor, Yale School of Medicine.

"These devices are really stressing and straining our family relationships because the average mom or dad will check their phones 60 to 110 times a day," said Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, clinical psychologist.

Doctors say the infant brain - even while in the womb - is especially vulnerable.

"Keep the phone away from the abdomen - especially toward the end of pregnancy," said Dr. Davis.

Experts say holding your phone even a few inches away can lower the risk. They recommend using headsets, and when you're not on your phone, to keep it as far away from you as possible.

"So we're getting like a triple, quadruple whammy between the biological effect, the psychological effects and the brain waves effects," said Dr. Martha Herbert, pediatric neurologist.

Read more here.
Homeopathy for the Home Workshops

An overview of the history of Homeopathy & common Homeopathic Medicines

Date: Wednesday 15th June 2016 & Saturday 3rd September 2016

Day Course: 9.30 - 3.30pm. Fee $85 inc. hand-outs
Presented by: Jane Lindsay MAHA AROH

Call 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place with $20 deposit

Venue: Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road,
Bardon | E:

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE FOR EVERYDAY ILLNESSESS, ACCIDENTS, CHILDREN & BABIES. Detox your Medicine Cabinet! An overview of the history of Homeopathy & common Homeopathic Medicines

Date: Friday 15th July & Friday 12th August 2016
Day Course: 10.00 - 3.30pm. Fee $85 inc. hand-outs
Presented by: Jane Lindsay MAHA AROH

Call 07 3040 2310 to reserve your place with $20 deposit

Venue: West End Natural Therapies Centre , 11A Sussex Street, West End Qld 4101 | E:

Do check out our AHA QLD website for more info on Homeopathy in Queensland, here.
Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath. Licensed NES Practitioner - 07 3368 1300
Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065,

Disclaimer: The information we provide and comments we make are from the homeopathic perspective. They are not necessarily endorsed by sectors of some governments, medico-pharmaceutical groups, "skeptic" organisations or those unfamiliar with homeopathy. Comments, references or links posted by others on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Aude Sapere and so should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by Aude Sapere. Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems


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