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So Long, Farewell, We're Off To Harrisburg Pennsylvania  - December 2012

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Doesn't it seem that every year the silly season arrives on our doorstop faster than the year before? The season when overnight our lives become disorganised, hurried and stressful? Don't you just wish you could slow it all down and make Christmas 2012 one of peace and harmony? Well you can - with a little help from Feng Shui! In our last issue from Australia before we head off to the US, we look at some basic Feng Shui tips to help ease the stress in your home.

So as they say in the US: Happy Holidays y'all!

Here's to harmony in your home,
Kerri Rodley

Professional Organiser | Interior Stylist | Feng Shui Consultant

PS - A big congratulations to Annie Hartland from Bellmere QLD for winning the prize for completing the survey in our last issue. Thanks so much for your input and support Annie - enjoy your shopping!

Five Feng Shui Tips For Christmas

Feng Shui is all about creating a home that has healing and nourishing energy everyday, especially on Christmas day. Here are five easy Feng Shui tips for Christmas to help minimise your stress levels, relax and promote a happy and balanced flow of energy in your home.

  1. Place your Christmas tree in the best Feng Shui area of your home. The tree belongs to the Wood Feng Shui element, so place it in an area that is either compatible with the wood element, or benefits from its energy. Here are the best areas in your home for your Christmas tree: East (Health & Family), Southeast (Wealth & Prosperity), or South (Fame & Reputation).

Read more here

The Five Hands Of Christmas

Don't give stuff. Give five hands instead:

  1. Handmade

  2. Hand-me-down

  3. Second hand

  4. Helping hand (donate)

  5. Hand-in-hand (spend time together)

How To Receive Gifts When You're Decluttering

Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Gifts can be reminders that someone was thinking of us or wanted to help us celebrate a special occasion. In fact, the person giving the gift likely gains a good dose of positive feelings by the act of giving. It's hard to think of a downside to getting a present...except when space in your home is limited. Or when you are decluttering! A recent blog post on had some great ideas to handle this situation.

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Sad But True...

How much do Australians spend at Christmas?

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show retail spending increases in December by 26% and we import 34m stuffed toys (worth $59m), 11m dolls (worth $49m), $10m worth of Christmas tree lighting and $58m worth of other Christmas-related articles.

App Of The Month (Or The Year) - Keeper

This app has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.

  • Works like a vault for all your secure information

  • Stores all your passwords, logins,
    membership numbers etc

  • Access it all with just one password

  • Encrypts everything

  • Backs up information securely

  • Works on all devices

  • Syncs to all devices

It's definitely a keeper! Get it free from iTunes here

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Dieu...

For those of you who missed our last issue, Domestic Downsizing is expanding into the United States and from January 2013 our office will be based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania (pictured). Although this will be a very exciting time to enter the world of organising in the US we are also sad to leave our lovely clients here in south east Queensland. If you still require hands-on help in the home, please visit the Association of Professional Organisers click here; if you live outside of Queensland click here and of course if you happen to be visiting the US come and say howdy!

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Domestic Downsizing PO Box 3313, Norman Park QLD 4170 Ph: 0422 520 354

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