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FoFA Mark II

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Tony Negline

You would have to be hiding under a rock not to know that the Government has released another discussion document on its Future of Financial Advice reforms.

Even the mainstream media have been onto the story in a fairly big way.

There's much talk that every financial services provider and supplier is a winner and a loser which supposedly makes it harder for people to complain about their losses.

It's not appropriate to be for or against these proposed changes until we see some actual legislation. But by the time these laws are passed the expert commentators will have moved along to more immediate matters.

Having said all that here are some thoughts about FoFA Mark II.

Is it logical that asset fees on margin lending products and commission on superannuation life insurance contracts are bad but such fees and charges are okay via any other structure?

Is it logical that life insurance commissions in super reduce a retirement benefit but asset fees are okay because a margin loan is not involved?

Is it logical that if a client elects not to renew an advisers services at the end of a two year period, product providers will not have to reduce product fees?

What value is the opt-in unless fees are reduced for not receiving advice?

Nothing substantial in financial advice will change until:

I have long thought that financial advice is essential. The tax, social security, aged care, superannuation, life insurance, other product, financial market and other considerations are so complicated that it's impossible for any human being to work out what is best for them because of this absurdly complex mélange.

It needs to be acknowledged that this complexity exists primarily because of Commonwealth Government legislation and regulation. The politicans are never brought to account for this pathetic outcome from their activities and oversight of Government department activities.

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