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A Land Of Confusion

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Tony Negline

Of much interest is to the financial planning community is the Future of Financial Advice measures introduced into Parliament last week.

No doubt there are many legal minds going through the legislation trying to find ways to ensure current industry practise continues.

Of much interest will be the vote in the House of Reps where a number of independent members are said to be possibly/probably against the proposed legislation.

Also of great interest is the new Carbon Tax measures and its likely impact on the economy which will feed into the economy and our ability to create wealth.

I'm yet to see any analysis which details what its total impact will be. The Federal Treasury has trouble modelling the budgetary impact from one year to the next. Most other organisations who attempt to model the likely outcomes have the same problem.

The simple fact is no one knows its total impact. As a result I think people will behave cautiously and wait to see what happens once it's got up and running. Just like the GST the sky will not fall in once it gets up and running. What we don't know is which industries will find operating in Australia too difficult.

On another subject what always tends to amuse me is the way some people constantly argue about taxing businesses more because they can afford to pay more. From time to time it's essential to point out two important points. Firstly under the Corporations Act, directors have the sole obligation of looking after their shareholders money. Yes that's right. Nothing more and nothing less. Secondly who ultimately owns companies. Yes that's right. Shareholders. And who are these? Well ultimately it's people!

So it's all very well to bash companies and their antics and to penalise them in some way but ultimately your penalising actual people.

Another issue which also amuses me is the call for the "rich" to pay more tax. There have been a number of calls here and in the US. The most famous example is Mr Buffet. Thankfully we live in a free society. All Government's will happily take whatever money anyone sends them. Our only obligation is to pay the minimum required by the law. Any amount above that is up to each individual. I wonder who'll be the first fat-cat to brag that they pay more tax than they should!

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