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When it's OK to go Against the Group

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Leanda Kayess

You may know the feeling - you're sitting in a meeting discussing a plan of action, there's lots of energy, everyone's on the band-wagon, but you've got this niggle that something's not right. Things are not lining up. Do you speak out with a warning to the group, or sit on it for fear of rocking the boat? How many times have you sat on it, and then watched the project derail?

Our kids need to know that sometimes it's ok to think independently and go against the 'group-think'.

Kids can easily succumb to peer pressure. Encouraging them early in life to think for themselves and express an independent point of view is important, and will save them both money and angst in future. In fact it can be vital. Fads, cults, blind brand loyalty and not thinking outside the box can be expensive for them and those they work with in future, and for the family in the meantime.

My article 'Dealing with Brand Awareness and Kids' has tips on handling fads and peer pressure with your kids. Here's 3 to get you started:

For great resources to help you teach your kids about money, including the books and guides mentioned in these articles, see Leanda Kayess can be contacted on, or phone 0409 057 952.

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