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What's a Blog without Comments?

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Deirdre Breakenridge

When it comes to internal company blogs, in my experience, the communications department is usually onboard and the executives come to realize that they have to take the time to blog and write out their thoughts. They know it's important to communicate information in their own voice about company initiatives in order to keep everyone informed and sharing useful information. Blogs are a great way to communicate directly with employees, but that doesn't necessarily mean that employees will embrace the blog from the start and engage with executives. What's a company to do?

When I met with my client last week in NYC, I was so pleased to hear that the President of the company was blogging. This was their first foray into blogging and, unfortunately, their efforts were met with disappointment. The VP of Marketing said to me, "We set up the blog, he's been blogging for well over two weeks and no one is commenting. There is not one comment since he started." I wasn't surprised by the results of the initial effort because from past experience this has been the case for many of my clients who start an internal blogging program. Sometimes culture plays a part in the lack of employee comments or employees are simply not used to collaborating through social media.

When I spoke with the President about the situation he said, "I know that people read the blog. They make a point of saying to me, "Hey I read your blog post..." It was clear that employees were reviewing the posts, but no one wanted to be the first one to have a conversation.

My immediate suggestions were to:

These are just a few helpful suggestions, especially if you are experiencing a similar situation. I know there must be many other helpful tips, so if you have any, please feel free to share and discuss them. We can all learn together.

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