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Real cost of planning often hidden1st December 2010
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Taking the final steps to a tailor-made pension17th November 2010
How to pay yourself a pension now that you're retiring10th November 2010
Professionals on hand to keep SMSFs running3rd November 2010
Steps to a functional fund27th October 2010
Bringing it all back home20th October 2010
Look before you leap into gearing13th October 2010
Keep up to date on rules and stay in front6th October 2010
The fund landscape is gradually being transformed29th September 2010
Too smart strategies can destroy a retirement nest egg22nd September 2010
Pain in the gain when trading in assets15th September 2010
Simple approach is not so smart8th September 2010
Trust issues a test of mettle: trustee of your own super fund1st September 2010
Venture carefully with investments, or risk ATO's wrath25th August 2010
Moveable beast has bewildered investors running scared18th August 2010
Three-year contributions rule can be a triple treat11th August 2010
Can't count on 'catch-all': self-managed super4th August 2010
Cashflow is king in retirement funds28th July 2010
Cooper review could be a sign of things to come21st July 2010
Let's avoid over-regulating a strong and booming Self Managed Super Fund sector14th July 2010
Henry's radical ideas require dissection and translation7th July 2010
The intriguing implications of Henry's super proposals30th June 2010
Super fund trustees can also have enduring powers of attorney23rd June 2010
Tread carefully through the minefield of new gearing rules16th June 2010
Look before you leap into a business in your Self Managed Super Fund9th June 2010
Cooper Review sheds light on changes19th May 2010
Nominating or changing the reversionary beneficiary12th May 2010
Steps to refreshing a pension5th May 2010
Transferring the reversionary pension28th April 2010
Steps to rolling over a pension to another pension21st April 2010
Rolling back in six easy steps14th April 2010
Pensions and lump sum withdrawals from super funds7th April 2010
With super contributions, timing is everything31st March 2010
Fears of fraud prompt crackdown on fund transfers24th March 2010
In clarity we trust24th March 2010
Disability Provisions Deserve Careful Scrutiny17th March 2010
Super Contributions caught in a tax trap9th March 2010
Providing for life's essentials - investment earnings2nd March 2010
Beware of super income traps23rd February 2010
Making contributions to super16th February 2010
Compliance errors solved for Self Managed Super Funds9th February 2010
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing2nd February 2010
The Year Ahead9th December 2009
Changes mooted for trauma insurance inside super2nd December 2009
Self Managed Super Funds and minimum pension payments25th November 2009
Are Transition to Retirement Pensions Worthwhile?18th November 2009
It's wise to be prepared for contingencies11th November 2009
After-tax super contributions can be better4th November 2009
Self Managed Super Fund People in Profile - Dixon Advisory28th October 2009
It will all come out in the wash sales21st October 2009
Better Super Calculations14th October 2009
Self Managed Super Funds and Socially Responsible Investing30th September 2009
Self Managed Super Funds and Reserves23rd September 2009
Bankruptcy and Superannuation16th September 2009
Bringing Your Super Home9th September 2009
Best business at arm's length26th August 2009
A question on TtR pensions19th August 2009
Many subplots on vacant land12th August 2009
Break the rules and you may pay dearly5th August 2009
APRA exposes problems in super return data30th July 2009
How to avoid a super slug while you're away22nd July 2009
Don't work if you want access to your super15th July 2009
Careful how you handle that investment property8th July 2009
Ageing population clouds growth forecasts1st July 2009
Shop or motel not a super idea for self managed super24th June 2009
Buy through a fund and add significant value17th June 2009
Smart gearing strategies for Self-Managed Super Funds10th June 2009
Loans the lifeblood of self-managed fund3rd June 2009
Why growing old is a costly business27th May 2009
Super changes demand attention20th May 2009
Self-managed super and franking credits13th May 2009
Don't count on funds to fully pay your dues6th May 2009
Generating money is still a modeller's minefield29th April 2009
Last months to tax advantage of retirement rules22nd April 2009
Pension strategies amongst dwindling value15th April 2009
Sound advice for managers of small funds8th April 2009
Sale of assets to a fund isn't always viable1st April 2009
Getting to grips with facts of self managed super25th March 2009
Tax trap lurks in non-resident super status18th March 2009
How to set up a Self Managed Super Fund14th March 2009
Howard era ruling pays off for small funds11th March 2009
The new Instalment Warrants4th March 2009
Protecting pension income needs a strategy25th February 2009
Taxing super contributions18th February 2009
Investor confidence in super system crashes11th February 2009
Super fund asset transfer can be a legal minefield4th February 2009
Review to being changes to super in the new year10th December 2008
It's often bettet to set up a company for super2nd December 2008
Avoid the tax maze with a wrap account25th November 2008
Twisting arms on superannuation tax19th November 2008
Clearing obstacles for funds paying pensions12th November 2008
Look out for resident super fund tax pitfalls5th November 2008
Super sized penalties28th October 2008
Super fund trustees use professional advice21st October 2008
Getting interesting times into perspective15th October 2008
Stock lending and super funds8th October 2008
Small funds now biggest sector of super industry1st October 2008
Debunking the myth about small super funds24th September 2008
Super Fund Complaints17th September 2008
Keeping evidence to follow the paper-trail10th September 2008
How to access your preserved super assets3rd September 2008
Last act - is there life in pensions after death?27th August 2008
Trustees need to know PDS rules20th August 2008
Disability insurance tangled in red tape13th August 2008
Overcoming Retirement's Eight Hurdles6th August 2008
Prommissory Notes30th July 2008
Death & Taxes23rd July 2008
Keeping your small super fund trust deed up to speed16th July 2008
Single minded about the sole purpose test2nd July 2008
Ending up even Stevens25th June 2008
Using super to pay medical bills18th June 2008
Salary sacrifice and other benefits 11th June 2008
Max the tax cuts on your super contributions4th June 2008
Taxman's binding and not-so-binding rulings28th May 2008
Drawing on super while still paying out21st May 2008
Super fund benefit a question of trust14th May 2008
Understanding the rules of retirement7th May 2008
New Super Contribution Rules30th April 2008
Withdraw and Re-Contribution Strategy23rd April 2008
Runnning a pension in a SMSF16th April 2008
Instalment Warrants & SMSFs2nd April 2008
How taxable and tax-free components are worked out26th March 2008
Practical SMSF Investment Strategy Issues19th March 2008
SMSFs and Investment Strategies13th March 2008
SMSF Review27th February 2008
SMSFs and CFDs20th February 2008
How super funds are made non-complying13th February 2008
ATO Research Questions6th February 2008
Anti-detriment rules for death benefits12th December 2007
Instalment Warrants & SMSFs5th December 2007
Who is a super fund 'dependent'?28th November 2007
Better Super and Withdrawing & Re-contributing21st November 2007
Review of two SMSF property investment structures14th November 2007
Important SMSF Court cases7th November 2007
Tricky Personal Super Tax Deduction Rule Changes31st October 2007
How do SMSF's value assets which have gone bad?24th October 2007
How should SMSF trustees invest their money?3rd October 2007
Moving Allocated Pensions into Account-based Pensions26th September 2007
Draft ATO Ruling on Sole Purpose Test19th September 2007
Keeping Your Fund Costs to A Minimum12th September 2007
Why do people set up Self Managed Super Funds?5th September 2007
The New Super Contribution & Preservation Rules22nd August 2007
The New Super Lingo8th August 2007
Employment Termination Benefits1st August 2007
How Competent is Your SMSF Trustee25th July 2007
ANAO Report on ATO SMSF Supervision11th July 2007
Instalment Warrants & SMSFs4th July 2007
SMSFs and Taxi Licenses27th June 2007
The Pros & Cons of Using Mum & Dad's Super21st June 2007
Reviewing New Property Product13th June 2007
A good quality SMSF trust deed6th June 2007
SMSF Trust Deed Suppliers30th May 2007
Residency Status of SMSFs23rd May 2007
Tax Goodies from the Budget12th May 2007
The new contribution rules8th May 2007
Aged Care and Superannuation2nd May 2007
Derivatives and SMSFs25th April 2007
A Young Man's Guide to Super18th April 2007
The $1m contribution limit11th April 2007
Some In-specie contribution rule issues3rd April 2007
Super & Death Benefits26th March 2007
ATO Supervision of SMSFs21st March 2007
Better Super's Asset Test Treatment7th March 2007
ALP gives Better Super the thumbs up28th February 2007
$1 million small business super contributions21st February 2007
Strategies for making $1 million super contributions14th February 2007
Family Trusts vs SMSFs10th February 2007
How to avoid falling foul of the ATO13th December 2006
Changes to Super and Divorce Rules6th December 2006
APRA's Circular Bomb-shell29th November 2006
Interesting large super contribution strategy15th November 2006
New Super Bankruptcy Rules8th November 2006
Big Tax Deductions Under "Better Super"1st November 2006
Revamped Super Contribution Rules25th October 2006
Stone hearted large fund trustees18th October 2006
Weird Investments11th October 2006
Will Retirees Be Allowed A Personal Super Tax Deduction4th October 2006
Small Business CGT Exemptions - Part 327th September 2006
Small Business CGT Exemptions - Part 220th September 2006
How Some Super Rules Will Work Under 13th September 2006
Small Business CGT Exemptions - Part 130th August 2006
Resort Properties in SMSFs23rd August 2006
Rules for Buying Property Properly16th August 2006
Transition to Retirement9th August 2006
The Aged Care System2nd August 2006
Facts Shed Light on Better Super26th July 2006
Watch the detail in trust deeds5th July 2006
Making Large Undeducted Contributions28th June 2006
New rules not so simple21st June 2006
Plans to sidestep Better Super problems14th June 2006
SMSFs and Derivatives7th June 2006
Better Super Short Comings31st May 2006
Some Ideas About Better Super24th May 2006
Using the Family Tax Benefit13th May 2006
Contribution Splitting19th April 2006
Personal Super Contributions5th April 2006
SMSF valuation issues for Westpoint investors 22nd March 2006
How ATO supervises SMSFs15th March 2006
SMSFs and Non-Resident Members8th March 2006
Moving from one pension to another one1st March 2006
Interdependency Relationship22nd February 2006
Undeducted Contributions & RBL Assessments15th February 2006
What benefits from tax reform?8th February 2006
Timing of withdraw and re-contribution strategies7th December 2005
Very important estate planning court case30th November 2005
The new Allocated Pension Pension Valuation Factors16th November 2005
RBL System Explained9th November 2005
Splitting Contributions Between Spouses2nd November 2005
SMSFs & Actuarial Certificates26th October 2005
Defined benefit pension changes19th October 2005
Retiree plans - big changes12th October 2005
Claiming fund expenses as tax deduction5th October 2005
Mixing holidays and superannuation28th September 2005
Death benefits and pensions21st September 2005
Death benefits paid a pensions14th September 2005
Life insurance and SMSFs7th September 2005
What records must be kept?31st August 2005
The Importance of a Long Service Period24th August 2005
SMSFs and Small APRA Funds17th August 2005
Case Study on investing in property10th August 2005
How to deal with CGT3rd August 2005
How is CGT worked out?27th July 2005
Transition to Retirement21st July 2005
SMSFs owning shares in private companies13th July 2005
Joint Ventures with SMSFs6th July 2005
SMSFs Investing in Small Businesses29th June 2005
Defined benefit pensions in SMSFs22nd June 2005
Owning Property in a SMSF15th June 2005
Transferring Overseas Super to SMSF8th June 2005
SMSF Recordkeeping Requirements1st June 2005
Wording of SMSF trust deed25th May 2005
2005 Federal Budget Commentary18th May 2005
How to use your super fund's assets4th May 2005
SMSFs and Unit Trusts3rd May 2005
Super Funds - Retiring After 55 and Before 6520th April 2005
SMSF Audits13th April 2005
Avoiding the super sucharge6th April 2005
Salary Sacrifice Contributions vs Government Co-Contribution23rd March 2005
Franking Credits and Super Funds9th March 2005
Salary Sacrifice Contributions16th February 2005
Super Contribution Rules9th February 2005
Avalanche of Super Choice of Adverts on the Way2nd February 2005
2nd five steps to starting a pension15th December 2004
1st five steps to starting a pension8th December 2004
SMSFs and life insurance1st December 2004
Super Funds and Divorce24th November 2004
Super Funds and Contracts for Difference17th November 2004
Why Super Funds Can't Borrow10th November 2004
Margin lending vs Super3rd November 2004
Buy-back of Shares27th October 2004
Accessing Super Before Retirement20th October 2004
Segregation of SMSF Assets for Tax Purposes13th October 2004
Why SMSFs are popular under Choice of Super Fund6th October 2004
Stretching Your Pension on Death29th September 2004
How to run a pension in a SMSF22nd September 2004
How co-contrbutions can add to your retirement nest egg15th September 2004
SMSF expenses paid by another entity8th September 2004
Why do the super rules change so often?1st September 2004
Update of Defined Benefit Pension Changes25th August 2004
Withdraw & Re-contribution Strategy Given All Clear18th August 2004
Is the Self Managed Super Fund name suitable?11th August 2004
Types of SMSF Death Benefits3rd August 2004
Taxman Spells it Out in Black & White28th July 2004
New Life Expectancy Table21st July 2004
New ATO document a very good read14th July 2004
Death & Super Fund Taxes7th July 2004
Employee Super Choice30th June 2004
Nominating Beneficiaries for Death Benefits23rd June 2004
Withdraw and Re-Contribution Strategy16th June 2004
Do SMSFs have to issue a Product Disclosure Statement?9th June 2004
SMSFs and Promissory Notes2nd June 2004
ATO review SMSF withdraw and re-contribution strategy26th May 2004
SMSF Defined Benefit Changes19th May 2004
SMSF Trustee Responsibilities12th May 2004
SMSFs and the external audit28th April 2004
Access to Super At Age 6527th April 2004
SMSFs must exist for definite purpose21st April 2004
SMSFs Dabbling in Artwork14th April 2004
Why do people set up Self Managed Super Funds?7th April 2004
Why some SMSF trust deeds shouldn't be trusted31st March 2004
Membership Rules24th March 2004
Investment Strategies17th March 2004
GST, Self Managed Super Funds and Residential Property Development30th November -0001

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