Service partners - who are they? Pty Ltd and Great Look Pty Ltd Pty Ltd began as a financial planning information provider. The business was established by three former fund managers to produce a simple eNewsletter product, but has since grown to become a major portal for the financial planning community and retail investors in Australia and New Zealand.

A critical component of Pty Ltd’s expansion was the arrival of IT specialist Mark Edwards, who developed the software to enable to automate its eMarketing. Pty Ltd’s proprietary Email Delivery System has been developed and refined in collaboration with Great Look Pty Ltd.

In practical terms, it means that all Great Look Pty Ltd eNewsletters are sent via the Email Delivery System created and managed by Pty Ltd.

Great Look Pty Ltd has no commercial interest in Pty Ltd, other than in the provision of the Email Newsletter Delivery System, as outlined above.